Spirit Trained

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Spirit Trained

After Yusuke is told he has to fight in the dark tournament, Koenma asks a powerful apparition to help give Yusuke the training he needs along with Genkai.

Chap 1 Training

Yusuke had gone with Genkai to train for the dark tournament. Koenma knew he had to give Yusuke something. He got a key to one of his father’s vaults. Ogre was freaking out. “Sir if you let him out there’s no going back.”

“I know but it is worth the risk, if he can help Yusuke then no one can.” He found the vault. This vault had 100 bar locks with a 100 wards on each bar. After those came open there was 50 combination locks and they all had to be moved at the same time, Koenma used his spirit energy to open those. The next set of locks was a set of three orbs, Koenma had to feed spirit energy to each orb in a perfect sequence. The final lock opened and Koenma entered a pitch black room, the only light in the room came from golden glowing chains snaking their way over an iron maiden.

Koenma snapped his fingers and the chains snapped off the iron maiden and fell to the ground. The iron maiden opened and no blood came out, instead a man in a red kimono with long black hair and beautiful features stepped out.

“Good evening Koenma, how can I help you?” The apparition spoke his massive power made the air thick and heavy.

Koenma grit his teeth. “You already know why I released you so let’s not play games. Timo.”

“Ahh yes your new spirit detective, you want me to give him the proper training he needs, or Toguro will end up killing you all.” Timo said with a twisted smile. “Now that would be cool to see.”

“Timo!! I am only freeing you so you would help Yusuke, and see him through the dark tournament.” Koenma said, and Ogre was cowering behind Koenma.

Timo sighed and lifted his left hand and a black orb appeared. “Very well, I will assist your detective.” In a flash Timo was gone.

“Koenma it took your father and his entire elite army just to capture Timo, his past crimes alone set him with life imprisonment, the security is so tight for a reason sir!!”

“I know that Ogre. However I want Yusuke to live, and Timo may be a power to be feared but he never goes back on a contract.” Koenma said, though his worry still stuck with him.

With Genkai and Yusuke

Genkai was training Yusuke hard, his spirit energy had grown but it still wasn’t enough. Suddenly the two both felt an insane amount of power. “Genkai what is that?”

“No…Koenma wouldn’t let him out.” Genkai was shaking.

“Let who out?” Yusuke said scared at this insane power.

A black orb appeared and Timo appeared from it. “She refers to me, I am Timo I am an apparition of time.”

Yusuke didn’t know why but he didn’t feel a threat from this person, but Genkai got defensive. “What are you doing here, you can’t expect me to believe you are really here to help Yusuke do you?”

“You know as well as I do Toguro set this whole thing up and he’s got the experience and the power. Yusuke needs some extra time and with my abilities he can be ready for the dark tournament, and besides it will only cost you one day of your training.”

“You can really make me stronger, how with some weird technique you’re gonna teach me?” Yusuke asked.

“Not at all, my training is simple, you will choose 5 objects and they will be mediums to open your powers what you do with them is up to you. I will however choose one object that was always meant to be yours.” Yusuke remembered how Kuwabara used that broken piece of sword as a medium to release his spirit sword power.

“Alright I’ll do it!” Yusuke said and Genkai sighed. As much as she hated to admit it Yusuke could use the extra training.

Timo raised his orb. “Temporal Shift!” Yusuke and Timo vanished and were sucked into the orb.

“Be careful Yusuke, you are dealing with a demon far older than Kurama, you must stay on your toes.”

-Inside the Orb-

Yusuke appeared in a vast void. “So we are in your little orb thing?”

“Yes in this place time moves differently, so you will have ample time to work on using the objects to increase your power.” Timo waved his hand and tables began to appear each table had an assortment of items some ranging from ancient times to the present. “Now for your first object.” Timo grabbed a golden bullet from one of his tables. “This object represents your spirit gun and the number of times you can use it, you will hang onto this until your training is complete and when you’re done you will be able to fire 10 shots of your spirit gun.”

Yusuke took the bullet and felt energy flow into his body. “Hmm, interesting.”

“Now you should pick an item.” Timo said and Yusuke began looking around. It took a few minutes and Yusuke found a item.

The Empty Clip

Yusuke picked up an empty clip, it looked like it could store ten bullets. “Why would I pick this thing?”

The other objects and tables vanished for the time being. “Every object has reason, this item represents the ability or restoring ones spirit energy. Have you ever been in an area that seemed to restore your energy?” Yusuke remembered Genkai’s tournament, and the battle field for the last matches. He did feel some of his energy come back but not enough to help him. “I take it you weren’t able to restore your energy back then but with this you will be able to restore your energy anywhere.”

Yusuke looked the item over and grabbed the gold bullet, he slipped the bullet into the clip and he gasped as energy and a lot of it began overflowing and pouring into the clip. Yusuke gasped as the energy took form as more golden bullets.

“After your training you will be able to restore your energy without using the clip.” Timo said, and Yusuke was amazed at the feeling.

“Now choose your next item.” The tables and items were back.

Yusuke stuffed the now full clip in his pocket. He began searching and the next item he picked up was a spy glass. Again Yusuke didn’t know why he picked this one it just seemed to stick out to him.

The Spy Glass

“This object has ties to your spirit awareness.” Timo said.

“Yeah well hate to say it, but my spirit awareness sucks.” Yusuke said and looked the object over.

“Your spirit awareness comes out from your subconscious while you sleep. You just need to bring it out to the surface go ahead look through the glass and look at me and you will see my true form.” Timo said.

“Yeah sure why not let’s see what’s behind that pretty boy face of yours.” Yusuke looked through the spy glass and it radiated spirit energy. Yusuke’s eyes widened and he stepped back in fear.

Timo’s true form was unlike any he had seen before, the pale skin became tan, the kimono was gone and in it’s places was a skirt made of human bones. He had a human skull as a belt buckle, and the skirt was an assortment of human bones, on his wrists Timo had bones from human hands as bracelets and around his ankles he had the bones of human feet as anklets. He had a bone club in his right hand. He had long fangs wild hair and his eyes were blood red. It wasn’t just the form Yusuke could see he could see Timo’s raw power and it scared him.

Yusuke stopped looking through the spy glass and looked back to the now human form of Timo. “The fuck are you?”

“I’ve been alive a long time Yusuke, in my younger days I would give humans power for a price, I collected the bones of my marks and I use them as a medium for my powers.”

Yusuke couldn’t believe he was going along with this bastard. “I don’t expect you to like my past Yusuke, there are days I regret it myself.” Timo said with a soft frown. “I know what I am Yusuke, but that doesn’t mean I don’t intend to help you. Now choose your next item.”

Yusuke began searching for the next item. He didn’t really get it but it seemed each item suited him in some way. The bullet and clip were tied to his spirit gun, the spy glass tied to his spirit awareness. He looked around. The next item appeared to be a small shield. When Yusuke touched it, the shield glowed. “How does a stupid shield suit me?”

The Shield

“The shield will allow you to control you spirit energy and make a barrier to shield yourself from more then just energy attacks but physical ones as well.”

“Again why would I need that?” Yusuke said looking it over. “Do I really wanna waste my spirit energy on that?”

“You may not say it Yusuke but it must affect you in some way every time you come back beaten and half dead it hurts your friends, and you want to spare them from that pain.” Yusuke held his tongue on that one because…he didn’t know what to say. Deep down he knew that Timo was right.

“As for the a waste of energy, when you fire your spirit gun you take the energy from your body and fire it out, but with the shield you form it and protect yourself so long as the shield doesn’t break you can draw the energy back into you.”

“Ok I guess that’s pretty cool.” Yusuke said and looked at the shield a bit more.

“Now for your next item.”

Yusuke was now excited about the next item.

The next item was not one Yusuke expected, a ring of all things.

The ring

“The ring will help you convert your spirit energy to a healing energy, it could help save not only your life but the lives of others.”

Yusuke didn’t need any other explanation, his friends meant everything to him. Yusuke was about to pick another item when Timo stopped him. “Yusuke this last item will not call out to you as the others. You must choose an item that in some way has special meaning to you. If the feeling is weak the item will not sync with you, and you cannot pick again.”

The spirit detective began looking over the items, none of them did much though he was tempted to grab the empty booze bottle because it reminded him of his mom, but he passed on that. He soon spotted a mirror, and he was drawn to it. It reminded him of Kurama and Hiei and his first real case. It was thanks to a mirror that he met Kurama and he was able to save him and the fox demon’s mother. Then using the same mirror he was able to beat Hiei. Yusuke selected the mirror and the reaction was massive, the mirror glowed so bright Yusuke had to shield his eyes.

The light faded and Timo was smirking. “Now let the training begin.”

First training first was the clip, so he had Yusuke drain his spirit energy, and he had to use the clip in order to restore it. Yusuke found it easy to do but before he could get cocky Timo told him. “This place is full of spirit energy when you leave you won’t need the clip but it will take extra time. There is spirit energy out there but it takes more time to draw it in.”

Yusuke worked into restoring his energy getting use to the feeling.

The second training involved the spy glass. Yusuke was once again thrown into darkness, but not normal darkness, Yusuke had to really pour his energy into the spy glass to peer through the darkness. It was difficult cause Timo kept upping the pressure. “When this training is done you won’t need the spy glass, you will just need to focus your eyes with spirit energy.” Yusuke wore his spirit energy trying to see through the unearthly darkness, which made his first training necessary.

The third training involved the shield. Yusuke used it to manifest a shield of spirit energy. Timo was going to be throwing attacks at Yusuke. “Spirit Needle!” Timo pulled a strand of his long hair and blew the long hair split into many glowing needles. The needles pierced through Yusuke’s shield and ripped into him.

“Gah are you trying to kill me!!” Yusuke shouted.

“The spirit needle is incapable of killing anyone, I can pierce your skull a hundred times and you won’t die, it’ll hurt but I don’t think you’ll die.”

“Think?!” Yusuke shouted and Timo sent another barrage of needles. Yusuke raised his shield and did his best to block the onslaught of attacks.

The training for Yusuke’s healing skills came after every battle and spar with Timo. The man was powerful and a skilled fighter, though time in his prison had left him a bit rusty. In order to heal Yusuke had to find and focus on a strong emotion. He wouldn’t say what it was but Yusuke found his emotion.

The next training was practice with the mirror, the mirror was small and could fit in Yusuke’s hand. Yusuke applied his energy to the mirror, if this worked when Timo fired an energy blast he’d be able to reflect it.

Timo fired the blast and Yusuke did his best to deflect it back, but Timo was very powerful. Yusuke wanted to get stronger and he was very lucky Timo could distort time within his orb he made one day into a whole month.

As Yusuke mastered each technique the medium item vanished, all of them except for the mirror, that was his to keep. Even the gold bullet vanished.

Yusuke learned how to fire 10 shots in a day, and not only that he worked hard and changed his spirit gun into twin spirit pistols. He could fire a energy from either hand now 5 shots on each.

He could draw spirit energy into his body and use it to restore his strength. His spirit awareness had gotten better than Kuwabara’s, and he even managed to make a technique out of it. Yusuke’s shield had been perfected, and could handle both physical and spirit attacks. His healing skills were decent, and he made a technique using his mirror.

In one month or one day to Genkai Yusuke was brought back to her. She recognized that Yusuke was much stronger. She fit Yusuke with spirit cuffs to strengthen his spirit energy. Timo said his good-byes and left Yusuke to his training.

“Yusuke you should be wary of that man. You may have to catch him one day.”

To be continued

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