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                Kaito held his napkin over his mouth, but couldn't help answering. "Does it bother me that she never misses rent and we always have fresh fruit, vegetables, and nuts in the house? Or does it bother me that when I go home with a tough problem, a sexy redhead climbs in my lap, understands every detail, and solves it?"

                The snake eyed blond blinked slowly, eyes sliding to Yuma. "Kinda just meant cause she's a girl."

                Yuusuke sniggered, grinning.

                "Yeah," Kaito agreed. "That's rough. The cute face and breasts is really what I can stand the least."

                Yuusuke clapped Kaito's shoulder.

                Kuwabara's fork hung in the air. "But that doesn't sound so bad."

                Yuusuke pushed his chair back on two legs, eyes hooded. "You're so dumb your sign language would need actual street signs."

                "But it didn't make any sense," Kuwabara railed.

                "Shut up, shut up!" Yuusuke waved, speaking through gritted teeth. "Don't make her feel bad."

                Over his shoulder, Kurama finished talking to her classmates and waved, then carried her tray near. Yuusuke dragged her to his side of the booth by the elbow and shoved over, making space.

                Kurama said thanks, tucked her skirt under her thighs, and dug into her udon.

                She didn't seem to notice the silence. Yuusuke asked Kuwabara about seeing a band, and Kurama asked what the music was like, Yama told her, and that was that.

                Kurama woke, smelling him near. She smiled and reached into the dark. After a moment, lifting the sheets and letting cold air in, she felt his legs curl into hers. Her took her hand and pressed it back over her chest.

                "You're so warm."

                "Thanks. For dinner."

                Kaito groaned. "You could hear that?"

                "No. I did see Yuusuke acting protective…I assumed someone said something that had to be said in my absence. And you didn't look guilty. So I assume you protected me."

                "Like you need it."

                "My heart does."

                He dropped a hand on her head. "I protect you when I get the chance, which is hardly ever. They'd asked if it hard to have a girlfriend smarter than me? It was a compliment, in a certain light."

                "It's a fact." Kurama smiled.

                He squeezed, sneaking his hand under her, over her hip, between her legs. She made a show of gasping and grinding back into him.

                "I'm tutoring you."

                "In literature. It's a soft science." Kurama grinned. "Did you tell him I tutor you in everything else?"

                "No," Kaito protested. "I'm actually ashamed of that."

                She put her hand on his, opening her legs, and she guided his fingertips to her clit. "Firm. Real gentle."

                He took a grumpy tone. "Someday I'm going to have this down. And I'm going take you somewhere quiet and beautiful – private box at the opera, a wine cellar in the south of France, some mossy bank beside a waterfall in the summer – I'm going to tease you and strip you down. Maybe that'll be the first dozen times you come. Like a teenager, grinding, groped, my hand down inside those soft panties. Then I'm going to massage you in oil."


                "Slim shoulders, hard nipples silky thighs. Another dozen. And then I want to see these small fingers of yours and that pretty mouth circled my cock. I'm going to be rock hard. I want your arms around my neck when I enter you. I want to see your face."

                "My hands are not small," she mused, looking at one.

                Kaito stopped and spanked her sharply. "Then let's compare."


                He rolled over and she straddled his thighs. She massaged his ass, hands full of the long muscles, pushing down. She struck him lightly over one cheek. He jumped, laughed into the pillow, and turned his face to the other side, grinning. She rubbed, massaged, and gave him another tap.

                "Ow! That's – " He yelped as she stuck him a third time. He tried to speak again, and she hit him again, shushing him. He caught the pattern and shut up.

                She ground up against him and leaned down, kissing the back of his neck. She groaned. "Oh, you're just too smart."

                "Now –

                She slapped him alongside the thigh.

                "Ah! You win. Let me talk, let me talk." He rolled over underneath her. Taking up her hand, he examined it. "Skinny. Not small."

                Kurama left that hand in his and ground down with her hips, rubbing her groin over his erection like a lap dancer. "It was an okay fantasy, the last time. Not a great one."

                "What didn't you like?"

                "You in control," Kurama answered. "Other than that, it was passable."

                "You're welcome to do me. I have the same fantasy both ways. But I'd prefer the library, while I'm betting you'd want the forest."

                "I know places where we can do both. In the Makai. Forest libraries. Great living houses. Even the books bloom. Written in the veins of flowers."

                "I like you."


                "I like you and everything you know." He touched her nose.

                "You do."

                "And I like that you trust me, sweet Kurama, and that we have time to do both. Do you know that? That I'm going to be here. And still wanting to. For as long as it takes to do all these things. And then to get old and remember them even when we're tired – when I'm tired anyway. I guess then I'll be glad to know how to please you with only my fingers, eh?"

                Kurama swallowed. "It's not hard. Well. You would, right? Be around, I mean."

                "Yes. Don't be afraid."

                Kurama was still. She counted her heartbeats, trying to guess what he meant. "Why not? People break up all the time. You could betray me."

                "You could kill me much more easily that I could ever betray you."

                Kurama shivered, then whispered, "I've never done that. I've never killed someone I've slept with."


                "I've had to have other people do it."

                "I…whoa. You have such a queer dark side." He chuckled, then put his hand over his mouth. "I'm sorry, love. Oh, you're sad."

                Kurama put her head to his chest.

                His hands came down, smoothing her hair. "I'm sorry. See, that's what happens when you read sad stories all the time; terrible things are…you can only react by laughing. But they're not less terrible for laughing at them. I'm sorry, Minamino. Hey. Do you want some wine? Or are you – not feeling up to anything tonight?"

                "I don't want wine. I don't want to be insensible; I want to be sure. About you."

                He twisted around to kiss her face. "Sure. How about really slow then?"

                Kurama smiled. "I might…yes. I might want that."

                "I'll lie back," he said, folding an arm behind his head. "And you enjoy yourself."

                Kurama felt glee creep over her. Her eyes darted as she smirked. She liked when he let her explore his body. It was so different from hers; he was thick, with unpracticed muscle strapping his ribs, black hair curling over his chest and thighs. She stripped off her nightshirt.

                "Good girl…"

                She pressed her breasts to him, dragging her nipples over him. Shivering, she ground up and down his cock. Her hands rubbed over his arms and chest, shaping him in the dark. She panted and he encouraged her, leaned up to kiss her neck and chin and catch her lower lip in his teeth. They lost track, mouths open and touching, but minds below. Minutes later and wet, she fought out of her panties, sliding off him. She pushed them down, but they rolled and twisted up, catching. He leaned over and got a condom from the bedside drawer and turned on the light briefly. He began laughing at her.

                "A fox, caught when the light goes on." He ruffled her messy hair.

                She pulled one leg out of her panties and sat up on her knees. She took his cock in her hands. "Precious thick boy. Mm. Make yourself ready."

                He pushed the condom over his cock and swiped some lube over it in long strokes. Kurama finished smoothing it over, and climbed above him. She pressed the head to her opening and took a breath, trying to calm herself, to relax, to want it. She felt her body shift slightly as she pressed down, letting him inside her. She stared into his eyes. He looked frightened at such a direct gaze, but she needed the contact.

                When he was full into her, she waited, shivering. He stroked her arms and back. But she settled, used to him. Then she could play. Riding him.

But she didn't feel it as much as his hands. He was getting good with his fingers; he could make her jump. Inside, he just felt like…like touch. Nothing special.  

                She never felt whole, when she was with him like this. She felt like she became his tool. The idea detached her. Her body grew as uncomfortable as if she were in cold rain.

                "Are you alright?"

                She shook her head.

                He smoothed his hands over her shoulders, his breath shaking. "We can stop. If you need."

                Kurama held his forearms. She leaned back, and lifted herself, rising and falling along him. She rode him, slow and then faster, clenching, watching his face. He took a long time, sweating, his face contorting. His fingers dug into her arms. He began to pump into her hard, putting his hands on her hips. It frightened her terribly for a moment, but she swallowed the fear as she realized he wasn't hurting her, wasn't really pinning her.

                Then he let out a breath and began to tease her, relaxing by driving her mad. What turned her on most was the way his blunt fingers and cut back to nothing fingernails clawed her thighs, long hard strokes, then came back, rubbing her clit.

                "Love you, Kai." Kurama took his hand and kissed his knuckles as he caught his breath, panting.

                After a minute, she climbed off, leaving him.

Kaito got out of bed to clean up.

                Kurama stared at the wall. She knew that humans were supposed to feel more than this. It made her nervous. Perhaps Shuichi – her host body, the pure body, perhaps Shuichi was ill somehow. Harmed.

                "That was generous." Kaito climbed back behind her. She felt the warm flannel of his pajamas against her bare skin. "Real good. Don't get cold. Your skin's prickling, I can see it."

                "I'm fine. I've been out in winter winds this world can't imitate."

                Kaito put the blanket over her. Then he sat a moment. "Earlier, I protected you because I felt that the problems we have are ours. You don't have to worry that I'm telling people."

                "What problems?"

                He was quiet a moment. "You get sad, sometimes."

                Kurama took a breath. She nodded, pulling the blanket around her. "It's not your fault."

                Kaito settled around her. "Could I fix it? I'm a smart guy."

                Kurama rolled over and looked at him. "No. Well. Maybe you could."


                "You understand people, from all that reading? Weird people. Portraits of strange people." She looked down. "This isn't normal then, to be melancholy? You're diagnosing me – is it normal?"

                "Depends on what literature you're reading. Normal for realism. And Russia."

                "I thought there'd be more than this. All the sentiment feels so shallow. Like I'm hallucinating. I know what to say, but I don't really feel it. That would make everything would be easier. I'm too tired to be good at this."

                He listened, stroking her hip.

                "And it's going to be hard to learn to live without you, after you leave me – if you do. That's all. It's hard to let go. It's a chore it is to be independent. But it's also hard to do this."

                "What's this?"

                "Be a girlfriend."

                "No one's good at being a lover. I'm a terrible boyfriend."

                "No. You do what I ask. You are more inhuman than I. You're very good, Kaito. But me. Am I good enough to keep you here, and happy, without you punishing me or becoming cruel?"

                Kaito sat up on his elbows. He spoke into her ear. "I think it's time you take what you need instead of asking to be given it."

                Kurama held up her hand.

                Thick kudzu branched up, lashing his arms to the headboard.

                She sat back and looked him over. He was smiling.

                "You're never afraid of me."

                Kaito snickered. "Because I know you haven't done your literature homework. You need me."

                "You dirty little fucker." The flicker of her lips made him strain up. "You're right."

                "I know you're bored, too. Humans bore you. Happiness bores you. But you're smart. You'll find things to do. But I can't read your mind." He glanced down. "So do what you want to me. I trust you. I have to. Can't be afraid now. I can't do anything. You could keep me tied up here for days."

                "I want to. Honestly. I want to leave you a mouth of ambrosia and an ass full of the right kind of touch, leave you tied up her drooling with pleasure as you orgasm. I want to drug you with pollens that will make you see starlight linger in the air and feel every dust mote lick your skin. I want to come home, release you, fuck you, coddle you and have you eat me out, then wash you off and watch you, clean and curled up with your book, until I eat you alive and we go back to soft sheets."

                He tried to raise his hand. "I'm up for that."

                She dug her fingers into his thick thighs. "I know you are. You're sex itself."

                Kaito chuckled. "Never thought someone would call me that. Much less some demonically alluring unshaved little beastie – "

                "Hey. I will end you." She had both hands stroking his cock, her feet twisted under his knees. "You have no idea what I've done to prisoners."

                He looked down. "Are you wearing toenail polish?"

                "Botan did it."

                "I like it. It's kinky." He groaned, straining. "Look at your hands. Everything about you turns me on."

                Kurama looked down at her body. "I feel unwanted too. I mean – what you said, that you never thought someone would be attracted to you. I look like a boy. I act like a stranger, and look like a foreigner's child. I'm weird, I'm different. People know. They know I'm – I'm a stepping stone. I'm what people stay with for novelty, until they get someone better. That's why I can't trust your kindness. Everyone else is kind, but they leave."

                Kaito stared at her. "Fox, it's a crowded planet. People blow around like leaves. It isn't personal. You tumble around until you catch on something worth clinging too, and you put down roots. And you stay until it doesn't work anymore. Don't you want to leave me someday?"

                Kurama blushed. "No. I…figured I'd wait till you die. Or leave me. At most, that's eight decades. It's a decision I left for you."

                Kaito found it hard to speak. He nodded at her hands. "Tighter and faster."

                She pushed her knees out wide, making herself low to the sheets and his body, and she put her mouth on him, drooling over the head of his cock and down the shaft. He shut his eyes as she pumped, going slow and fast and slow again.

                After a few minutes, she rubbed her fingers back through his legs.

                "Whoa – " he twisted. "Whoa. Hey. Maybe let's wait on that, until you know what you're doing?"

                "As if you know what you're doing when you try to finger me!"

                "Doesn't it require some prep?"

                Kurama sighed. She muttered, "I'm bored. Sex is boring."

                Kaito became still. Then he blinked, and the wave hit her. The territory expansion. The psychic's barrier.

                "Maybe I get bored too," Kaito simpered, watching Kurama bristle, sensing it. "Lucky gets boring. Never thought I'd say that, or even get a chance to discover it, but you're right. Sometimes it's almost more fun to watch you over my book as you tend your plants and sort out the seeds. I like to see you in those boy shorts that show off your ass cheeks as you laze around on the carpet, your notes all spread out. I want to spank you silly over my lap and then make you write out your essay with your tongue on my cock."

                Kurama looked around, smiling. "I will absolutely do that."

                Kaito tried to move against the kudzu. She winked. Nothing gave. After a moment's struggle, he sighed. "Someday I'll learn how to make a firm distinction between plant and human life so I can ban it. Go ahead, you can talk. I didn't set a rule yet."

                Kurama took her finger off her lips. "Humans are ecosystems. Microbiomes and rivers of energy and material. As is all life, including plants. There is no discrete end, only a multi-planar spectrum."

                "Rule one. You can't get off this bed. Rule two – " He spoke the rule in another language.

                "Is that Russian – " Kurama asked, then fell against him. Her muscles tightened, ass clenched with orgasm, spreading up through her.

                "You've got one minute to figure it out before you come for me again. Oh, my precious sex doll, now-you're," Kaito said, mimicking the mad bomb. Kurama winced, affronted and delighted at the dark humor; her legs and stomach were still a mass of scars from that fight. She ran her fingers through his hair, scratching harder than she needed to.

                He raised his eyebrows. "Didn't think I could do this? Something so delicate – mandating orgasm. You had your clues. What do you think it takes you pull a soul from a body? You think that's less delicate that getting your cute cunt throbbing? I'm not even trying. Ha, I don't have to understand you – I only have to imagine you shaking. And I've seen you come plenty.

                Kurama looked at him. It had to be something he could do, was doing, but something she was not. But he was bound. "I don’t speak Russian."

                "Isn't that delicious?" he said, letting her examine him.

                Kurama smiled, seeing his feet. She curled her toes as well, and lay down on him, propping her chin up.

                "I hate you. You're right, you got it. Okay, I'm changing the rules again." He spoke in Russian again.

                "No no," Kurama begged, laughing.

                "Fine. But have manners. What do we say?"

                "Plea…hm." Kurama's eyes narrowed.

                "You so hot when you're suspicious. And you're right, that was it, a lovely trigger word. Okay. Again."

                He went on until she began to lose, and then lose focus. She grew exhausted and collapsed on him, trembling. She pulled the vines tighter, grinning.

                Kaito released his territory. He gave her a smacking kiss on the face. "Is my fox tired and happy?"

                Kurama breathed onto his neck. She tilted her face up and kissed him.

                "Are you mine now, for a while?"

                She nodded.

                "Good. Then let me go. We can shower and still make the end of the dream, eh. Soft sheets?"

                Spent and heavy, Kurama moved down languidly his body, kissing and resting against him. Her mind had gone to a happy, wordless mood. She licked over his sack a few times, then up his cock, before sucking at him. She didn't go deeply, but she curved her back, ass in the air, and turned to show him her eyes, moaning. She made sure her hair dragged up and down his inner thigh.

                "Worth it," Kaito sighed. "The care and upkeep of a fox. Awful. And worth it."



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