Fly Right

BY : Artemick
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                Keiko shifted as her knees began to hurt.

                It caught Yuusuke's attention. The blue flashes from the television cast his face in a strange light, and colorful reflections sparked in his eyes. "You ok?"

                She shrugged, fiddling with her beer can.

                He sat up, scooting next to her, and put his arm – not around her, but on the back of the couch behind her. "Sorry. I forgot you're all educated now. Wanna watch something smarter?"

                She smiled. "You've been in the demon world. I'm more curious about that than some comedy skit."

                He rubbed his hair. He turned his back on the screen and sat cross legged. "Um. Well, I didn't win the crown, so there wasn't much for me to do. Trained with the monks some more. Lots of yelling. I mean, there wasn't anything to interest you."

                "Yuusuke! There is an entire new world filled with creatures spilling into this one. And you're one of them. I'm interested." Her hand itched to whack him.

                "Ha! When you put it that way…" he scratched his face, trailing off. "There weren't any girls."


                "You know. Demon girls. There weren't any."

                "They don't have women? Yuusuke, I've seen – "

                "No, me. I mean, I didn't see anyone else. I didn't meet any girls there."

                She shut her eyes for a moment. "I didn't mean that."

                He reached out, dragging his knuckled over her knee. "No. Just thought you might be interested."

                She dropped her shoulders. "Maybe. I'm still making you see a doctor first."

                "It's a few bruises is all. You're a good enough nurse for me. Look good in the uniform." He grinned.

                "I can't do STI tests."

                Yuusuke grinned. He reared up and walking towards her on his knees, spread his arms wide like a grizzly and came down, hugging her. "Arrrgh! Yeah? And why would I need those?"

                "No reason."

                "I'm an innocent fawn. Maybe my vixen wife needs tests. She's off at college, surrounded by cute teachers – "

                "Ew, no. Hey, I'm not your wife."

                He wrestled her down onto her back, nuzzling her chest. "Maybe I didn't mean you."

                "You'd better not mean me. My boyfriend will beat you up. He's actual king of demons, not some also-ran."

                Yuusuke collapsed on her, and rolled off. He slapped his heart. "Oh. Keiko. That was so mean!"

                "Well. I said it for your own protection."

                "You're the worst. You're my worst opponent."

                She lifted her spilled beer up to the tv table and straddled him. She looked down, her hair veiling them from the television light and striping his face with shadows. "You like me. I'd be yours if you'd straighten out."

                He was quiet for a moment, looking at her. "You look sad – "

                "I am!"

                His eyes searched her. Big, brown. "You don't help people who aren't messed up. If I were fixed, why would you stick around?"

                It made a queer kind of sense. For an idiot.

                It also made her blood boil. For him to laud himself, pretend like he could stop this screw-up shit anytime he wanted, to blame her for it, to try to make it about them, to make everything flirtation –

                She wanted to slap him. But that had never worked.

                She leaned into his face, her meanest expression on. "I would stick around - forever - to gloat in my victory. If you'd shape up, I'd keep you around forever as my inspiration to get up in the morning and try. You'd be my star success."

                The corner of his mouth quirked up. "Forever?"

                "And ever."

                Yuusuke pushed his mouth to the side. "Maybe instead of going back to the demon world…I could take that job from your dad."

                Keiko straightened, sitting back on his thighs. "The food cart?"

                Yuusuke pushed himself up on his elbows. The carpet had messed up his hair. "Yeah. I like food."

                "You don't get to eat it!"

                "I mean, I get to eat some of it."

                "Is that really straightening out? Is that good business? Being an honest employee?"

                "I…well, I'd be in town. You could come by the cart a lot and check on me."

                Keiko glared.

                Yuusuke watched her. He was like a fawn.

                "I could come by during lunch. The college would be a good place for you to set up."

                "Okay then." His eyes flicked down. "Cute panties. I like how you wear lace now. It's so grown up."

                She shook her head. There was no point in slapping him now. It wasn't a game anymore. Just real interest. "I wear them so you'll look at them."

                His eyes lit up.

                She laughed, blushing then. She covered her face. "Oh God. You're…this is what I get for hanging around with you. Now I'm a pervert. Good job."

                "Oh yeah. You always were, I think." He shook a finger at her. "That's why you hung out with me. You knew we were the same, deep down."

                "Yes. I did." She looked at him. Placing her hand on his stomach, she lifted his shirt up. "I knew you could make something of yourself. Just because you and I are poor doesn't mean we can give up on trying to do well."

                "You're distracting me."

                "Am I." Under her, she could feel his cock rising, pressing against her.

                "Oh yeah."

                She twisted his shirt, leaning down, and kissed him. He had the best mouth – full lips, lazy smile, clean teeth. She could forgive the beer taste. "We're going to be the best."

                He put his hands on her knees, and when she pulled back, sat up and rolled on top of her.

                They made out for a moment. She stroked his face, then hung her arms around his neck, then massaged his shoulders. Yuusuke settled between her legs, pressing his erection to her clit through their clothes. She ground against him.

                Yuusuke leaned back, licking the tips of his fingers. She turned onto her stomach, scrambling. "No! Go to a doctor first."

                "I told you, there were no girls! I'm a total virgin."

                "I don't care!"

                He reached around her chest and pulled her back against him. She grabbed his arm. He reached his free hand down into her skirt.


                "I'm staying on my side of the lace, ok, I promise!"

                She gasped. He stroked the silk his fingers fingertips, scratching gently with his nails. "Keep going."


                "Keep going!"

                "Geez, ok, yes ma'am."

                Keiko pushed her head back into his shoulder, groaning. "D-don't try…"

                "On this side, I promised. Where do you like it best?"

                She let go of his arm and guided his hand. He went to town on her, rubbing firm circles, shaking his fingers, tracing her through the silk.

                He patted her and murmured, "Good, good girl."

                Keiko's breath shuddered. She felt his cock at her back, insistent as his promise, wanting her, waiting for her. Obedient and fervent. She rocked between his erection and his hand, remembering all their flirtation.


                "Good girl. You like that?"


                He kissed her neck, chuckling.

                "Yuusuke…I won't leave you if you screw up…and I won't leave you if you straighten out. Will you leave me after we – "


                "You didn't hear – "

                "Doesn't matter. I won't leave you. You're my best friend. You're the only one really cheering for me as me. Not as a fighter or teammate or anything – me, as a person. You're my champion." He murmured in her ear, kissing her hair. "And I'm gonna be yours. You watch. I'm going to be the best boyfriend. You have no idea. I know you. I know exactly what you like. Or I will…"


                "Oh, I'm going to have you screaming my name, just like at that Tournament – "

                "Yuusuke!" But then she gasped – he paused, pressing hard against her swelling flesh, and she shuddered.

                "As long as it takes."

                Keiko moaned his name and he kept going. "Keep going." She believed him. She always believed him.






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