The Very Definition of Dilemma

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Hello there!! I don't want to take up too much space here, especially since this is my first fic post, but I wanted to give a shout out if you've made it to my story. I don't know what the main romantic pairing will be yet, but if you appreciate a good Uke Kurama, then you're in luck! I'm not sure where people post

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It was no surprise to anyone when Yomi turned down Yusuke’s proposal for a tournament-tell-all. It wasn’t Yomi’s style to relinquish the possibility of total domination in the demon world, to some luck-of-the-draw competition.


Kurama lowered his gaze to the cold concrete floor that was his jail cell. The idea was great in theory, and it created hope for the demon world and human world a-like, but there was no way Yomi would bite. The red head clenched his fist tightly, increasing the pressure as blood seeped out and onto the floor.


“Well, that was interesting.”


Turning quickly, Kurama cursed himself inwardly for having let Yomi catch him off guard while deep in thought. He quickly composed himself and willed his heart beat to a natural rhythm.


“Yes, Yomi. It was wise of you to turn down the proposal,” Kurama’s voice tapered ever so slightly. Yomi’s mouth curved upwardly, catching the hitch in red head’s voice while noticing the forced method Kurama used to subdue his nerves.


“I’m glad you think so, friend,” Yomi drawled. “We both know Urameshi is not strong enough to fight me yet, let alone Mukuro.” The blind youkai crossed his arms over his strong chest, tilting his head towards the window, looking as though he might actually be able to see the contents on the other side.


Kurama matched his former friend’s gaze, watching the bleak clouds encase Gandara. “Yomi,” Kurama started, looking back at his captor, “I have pledged myself to you, under terms we both know can never hold for long when faced in dire circumstances.” The tension that pervaded the meeting between Yusuke and Yomi dissipated greatly, but now Yomi’s ire was sending strong waves of his demon energy across the room.


Kurama shivered from the flexing of Yomi’s power, knowing he stood no chance when it came to brute strength or demon powers. ‘And it appears our wits are evenly matched too’, Kurama thought solemnly. Yomi turned his body to face red head full on now.


“I hope you don’t count me as a fool, Kurama. I know full well the relationship you have built with the half breed,” Yomi’s face was so pointed to Kurama, that the crimson haired teen could swear his former friend’s eyes were open, and gazing sharply upon him. Yomi continued, “maybe it’s the fact that you are half breeds. Although, Yusuke’s story of coming into such a predicament is much less contemptable than yours.” Kurama balled his hands into fists, arms taut next to his body.


“Mock me if you must Yomi, but Yusuke is more of a friend, or demon, than you could ever be,” Kurama’s smooth candor jerked Yomi into action, smashing the wall right next to Kurama’s face, just grazing the fox demon’s cheek. The rubble crumbled around the demon’s fist and instead of retracting his hand from the wall, he pressed further into it and grasped the red heads chin firmly.


“You may have killed my right hand man, and trust me you only did me a favor in doing so, but you are in my world now Kurama. It is no longer Youko’s world,” Yomi’s voice was getting icy. “I have the power now in this relationship.” Kurama’s narrowed his eyes, jerking his chin out of the demon’s grasp.


“What relationship. I am here because you have my mother’s life, and that is all.”


Another loud punch resounded through the room, this time completely pummeling through the concrete wall. Yomi straightened, with his head bent down, standing a hairs distance from his captive. Kurama’s gaze was forced upward, his back held straight with dignity only the fox could muster in such pretenses.


“I didn’t forget. Don’t worry about me dear, Kurama.”


“Good, as long as we both understand what is happening here.”


“Oh, I do.” Yomi shoved Kurama roughly into the wall this time, hard enough to cause the human to gasp from the impact, whether prepared or not. With a quick movement of blurred motion, the demon’s leg was wedged in-between the muscle of Kurama’s.


“No!” The red head shouted. He had suspected Yomi’s intentions would lead this way. He knew the minute he met up with his old friend, there were undertones of sexual energy just barely masked for Kurama’s benefit.


“Kurama,” Yomi moved his knee upwards, making contact with Kurama’s sensitive nether region. “Your human form is most beautiful, I must say.” Crimson strands of hair were gripped firmly, and Yomi move his knee an inch higher, causing the human’s body to go rigid.


“Stop,” Kurama gasped. ‘I’ve never felt so dominated like this before’, the red head thought. ‘This feels completely in contradiction to my demon counterpart. I’ve never been cornered by someone so powerful, and with my mother’s life on top of that.’ The temperature in the room was escalating with the two’s body heat and demon energy, and a flash of lightning struck across the black sky, illuminating both their fair complexions.


Yomi’s right hand which was resting on the fox’s hip, slipped behind Kurama to pull the fox’s pelvis flush with his. The demon’s endowment was made known to the human’s and although Kurama’s was soft in contradiction to his rigid body, Yomi’s was hard and pulsating already.


“Your human scent is so much like your demon’s,” Yomi breathed in while lightly moving his member up and down against Kurama’s. “I don’t quite know how I feel yet about this human form.” Kurama’s hand was now on Yomi’s in a half-hazard attempt to ward him off, all the while pressing the demon’s chest further from his own.


“Yomi, please,” Kurama couldn’t believe this was happening. “We were lovers once, but I am different from that time in more than just my appearance.” There was silence in the room as Yomi slightly backed off the human.


“And I appreciate that Kurama.” A pause. And then the demon resumed viciously, jarring his knee into the human’s gentiles, in such a way that no human could possibly find pleasure.


“OH,” was the only noise able to slip past shaken lips, as green eye’s clenched shut in profound pain.

“I also appreciated when you insulted me by comparing me to Urameshi.” Another shot of lightening cascaded through Gandara, and Kurama had no warning as Yomi wrenched him to the floor. The demon king stepped briskly onto the dainty ankle of his former friend and sharp crack resounded through the room, penetrating all of Yomi’s ears. “You are my right hand now, Kurama and whether you like it or not, you are going to be part of the demise of you half-breed friend.”


“You-you,” Kurama’s eye’s flickered gold as he held his ankle in a protective manner. “You are going to lose.” Yomi smirked and crossed his arms over his chest as he stood, domineering over the fox.


“I have great plans for Urameshi. And Mukuro as well. The demon world will be mine in a matter of time.” The demon’s energy simmered with his anger, and he lifted his chin up and inhaled in an almost casual display of normalcy. “You will be by my side through it all. It will be exactly like old times. Except,” Yomi started to walk out of the room, “I am who is dominant now, and by long shot.” He turned back the heap on the floor, who he could tell was watching him closely despite a shattered ankle. “I cannot hide that I am happy to have your presence next to me again…Kurama.”


The horned demon left the room briskly and Kurama splayed down onto the ground in an uncharacteristic gesture after such an exchange.


“I hope to remedy that…Yomi.” His brows furrowed deeply as he gazed at the ceiling in thought, plotting his escape from this mad man’s hands.


Just a teaser! I want to write way more than this for my next chapters. Let me know what you think. Thanks :)











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