Fox's Precious Mate

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||Chapter One||Arum||


Yoko - 'My name is…'

Shuichi/Kurama - 'Shuichi Minamino…'

EVERYBODY - 'Really?'

EVERYBODY - "What!?"

Note: Yoko Kurama will be able to keep the form of Shuichi since he has not completely awaken to take his actual form.


          "Onii-chan! Breakfast is ready!" A sweet and gentle voice softly spoke to a certain sleeping red head. She gently shook him, but no response from him. A pout made its way to her angelic and adorable face. "Onii-chan, I know you're up." Tsubaki stated as she crawls on to his bed to get to the other side of his bed to push him off the bed, but the ravenette felt a hand on her waist. She let a squeak laced of surprise as he begins to tickle her sides.

          A giggle erupts from her throat while Shuichi was smiling at his usual attempts to make her smile and laugh. "O-Okay! Okay!" She exclaims while stammering through the torture of his hands as he lets go of her petite waist. Tsubaki tries to catch her breath as her dear older brother was only chuckling and smiling at her. She turns to look at him with a pout. "You're so mean onii-chan! Stop. Pulling pranks on me!" She playfully push him as she quickly made her way to the door, leaving him to change out of his pajamas.

          'Seems like our little kitten loves being tickled by you.' A certain silver fox demon, Yoko, mused in his thought as Shuichi got done changing to his school uniform. 'She sure does, even though she pouts at me like I was being mean and playful to her.' The red head replies in his thought. After getting change, he went downstairs to see his mother making lunch for them while his little Tsubaki was eating her breakfast. Most of the time whenever neither his mother nor Tsubaki aren't looking, he loves to look at his sister.

          Today was no exception as Tsubaki normally wears her lovely black hair in low pigtails with the whitish-blue flower bows adorn on it. Her usual middle school uniform that shows her perfect petite waist that he loves to touch and hold. Her perfect milky legs were exposed as her ruffled, yet lacy white ankle socks gave her the impression of a elegant girl. 'Checking her lovely features out as usual Shuichi. She is still quite the lovely and fair maiden of a kitten.' Yoko stated while growling at the same time as his lovely kitten was always getting checked out by other boys.

          'I know, Yoko. We're both jealous that we can't take her as our mate. Mother is in the way as she sees me as blood siblings, while you may have a huge chance with her. All the boys are looking at her like predators wanting to eat her.' Shuichi noted in his thought while the 7' tall demon eagerly nods to agree with his human counterpart. What he didn't realizes is that his beautiful baby sister was calling out to him. "Onii-chan. Onii-chan. Let's go or we'll be late for school." Her angelic voice was heard as he blinks at her. "Right. I'm sorry. Let's go Tsubaki." The red head stated as the Minamino siblings begin to leave the house.

          As Shuichi and Tsubaki were walking to her middle school that he once graduated from, came into view as the older Minamino looks at her. "Tsubaki, be sure to wait for me unless you have something important to do. Alright?" He said while she gave her older brother a nod. "I will, onii-chan. See you after school." She said as he gave her a kiss on her forehead. 'Although Shuichi, you could've given her more than that…' Yoko trails with a pout. Shuichi ignores the demon as his bright green eyes looks into his sister's beady black eyes. "See you later, too." He stated with a smile as he begins to make his way to his high school, Meiou Private Academy.

          'Yoko, I know you want to do more stuff with her than siblings. However, our relationship is nothing, but brother and sister.' Shuichi calmly stated while passing the school gate with all the girls surrounding him. He gave them a polite smile while keeping his gentleman's persona. 'I want her as our mate as she is your adopted sister that is being conceived by her dear older brother, just like her mother.' The fox demon fussed as Shuichi finally came to his homeroom. The entire day for Shuichi  with Yoko complaining that he wants to see the lovely Minamino. The red head could only mentally groan to himself.

          School flew by very fast as Shuichi was in front of the gate, waiting for his beloved sister to run to him with her smile that still charms him. "Onii-chan! I'm sorry if I made you wait a little longer." The raven haired girl calls out with an apologetic expression. He gave her a reassuring smile. "It's alright, I assume you were busy trying to finish helping someone." He stated to calm his adorable sister. The two of them begins to make their way back home to be greeted by their loving mother, Shiori.

          "How was school for the two of you?" She sweetly ask her two children. "It was fine, mother." Shuichi replies while Tsubaki smiles brightly. "I met a senpai from a different school. He's very kind and funny." She said as this made both Yoko and Shuichi froze a bit. 'A boy, huh?' He spoke with a dark tone in his human's thought.  'Now, now, Yoko. We talked about it before. Tsubaki only love me as a brother. You may have a huge chance with her, but you will not be able to switch out with me.' He reasoned with his demon counterpart. The silver fox could only sigh in irritation. 'I will give you hell if you do not choose to talk to her in her room.' He threatens Shuichi.

          The red head did not want to be annoyed by the bantering of Yoko as his bright green eyes look at Tsubaki. "U-Um… Onii-chan… Do you m-mind… If you could help me… S-Study for my next exam?" She shyly ask him while closing her eyes very tightly with a slight blush on her beautiful features. 'Speak of the devil. Seems like she came to us instead of you coming to talk to her in her room.' Yoko muses while Shuichi gave her a gentle smile. "Sure, let's go to your room." He stated while his precious sister beams brightly. As the two went to their rooms to change out of their uniforms. Shuichi gave a knock to let her know that he was done. "You can enter." Tsubaki said as he proceeds to open the door to reveal the ravenette in her usual boxy white dress. Soon, he begins to stand near her to see what she needs to know as their mother went to go grocery shopping.

          Tsubaki was writing her answers while being tutor by Shuichi. "Do you understand how it is done?" He ask her while she gave him a reassuring smile. "Hai. I didn't think it would be that simple. Thank you very much onii-chan." She said while giving her older brother a hug. The red head returns the same and gentle gesture while planting a kiss on her forehead. "Your welcome Tsubaki." He said as they let go. Until the phone ring as Shuichi went to pick up the phone. "Hello, this is the Minamino residence." He said as he was hearing what the person on the other line said. The petite, black eyed girl looks at him with worry. "Alright, we'll be there." His green eyes seem to express worry as he hung up on the phone.

          "What is it, onii-chan?" She ask her dear brother as he turns to look at her. "It's mother… She's in the hospital." He said as the two of them got prepare to go see their mother. As they reach the hospital, they were allow to see their mother as she was asleep in her room. Tsubaki stayed with her mother as Shuichi went with the doctor to hear about Shiori's condition. The sweet ravenette holds her mother's hand while trying not to shed any tears. Until she felt a hand on her shoulder. The touch made her jump a bit as she turns around to see Shuichi with a sad expression. "Come Tsubaki, visiting time is over. We'll come visit mother after school. I'll tell you what the doctor has told to me." He said with his large hand outstretch to her while she hesitantly nods and took his hand. "Alright onii-chan." She stated. The two siblings walk back home as Shuichi was comforting her like a brother should do.

          'Shuichi, you should take advantage of this situation. Make love with her. Have her fall in love with us. Your mother isn't in the way this time.' Yoko chirps in while the red head ignores him. "Tsubaki, about mother's health is incurable from what the doctor says." He said as he could tell that Tsubaki was trying hard not to cry. Shuichi came closer to give his sister a hug as he wrap his arms around her waist. "It's alright to cry Tsubaki. It's not very good if you keep your emotion trap inside of you while not letting it out." He soothingly said as her head rest against his shoulder. Then, a loud sob was let out of her mouth as she cried in Shuichi's arms. 'Take the moment! If you do not then I will take matters into my hands!' The fox demon exclaims.

          'I will not take advantage of this situation Yoko.' He mentally argues back while the two were fighting for control of the mind. Tsubaki finally got done crying as she looks at Shuichi with worry. "Onii-chan? A-are you okay?" She ask in fear that he might snap since he has been spacing out once in awhile. 'If you don't then I won't have any choice, but to take her. I'm tired of waiting!' Yoko shouted as Shuichi was slowly losing control against him.

          Tsubaki looks at him with fear in her eyes. Then she felt a hand on her cheek, caressing as softly as his hand. "O-Onii-chan? Are you okay?" She said while feeling weird of this unusual touch. "Yes I'm fine Tsubaki. I'm just lost." He smoothly said as she gave him a nod. "However, I would like to know if you're... up to it." His green eyes that seems to show some gold hue. "What may that be?" She ask while tilting her head to the side. "Would you like to see and find out yourself?" He ask her with a sly smirk on his face as he couldn't help but smirk at her innocence. "I-I-I'm not sure..." She said with hesitation.

          "But... If it's onii-chan, then I trust you what you want to do." Tsubaki stated with a smile that made both Yoko and Shuichi's hearts skip a beat. "Alright. Then shall we head to my room?" He ask as she gave him a shy nod. The red head begins to carry her bridal style as she lets out a small yelp of surprise. Yoko couldn't help but chuckle at the sound she was making. 'Now, I wonder what she will sound like when I make love to her?' Yoko mused as he opens the door of his room. He closed it with his foot as he set her down on his bed.

<=========TO BE CONTINUED=========

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