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            Kayko and Botan panted as they ducked into a dark classroom filled with rows of small desks, narrowly escaping the persistent hoard of the infected faculty of Sarayashiki Junior High.  Not surprisingly, leading the vile pursuers was none other than Mr. Iwamoto, the only zombie who seemed to retain some sense, though his aggression was amplified to extreme levels.  He actively went after Kayko, which often led him to be unguarded to Botan’s counters.  Even after taking several cracks to their skulls, however, they kept on coming, following the instructions of the Makai whistle’s song.  And if this kept up, their feet would carry them much longer than the two girls trying evade them.

            If only Yusuke was there…  Kayko worried for him, even though the zombified people were hot on her trail.  The blue-haired woman with her knew of his whereabouts and assured Kayko that he was working on a solution for this phenomenon.  “Why is this happening?” Kayko finally blurted out to the woman intent on saving her life.  “How is this happening?  What does this have to do with Yusuke?”

            Botan, knowing that Spirit World abided by strict rules of secrecy to normal humans, looked her in the eyes.  It was hard not to tell this admirable girl the truth, but Botan was bound by Spirit World law.  “It’s… very complicated, Kayko,” she said with winded breath.  She lifted her free hand to wipe the sweat of exhaustion from her brow.  Several strands of baby-blue hair were matted on her damp skin.  “I can explain it all, but only after we get you away from…”

            BAM!!  The door behind them suddenly shook violently with the impact of a heavy body.  Kayko and Botan retreated; the ferry girl wielded her steel bat in front of her, ready to ward off any who managed to break through the shuddering barricade.  “Yu~ki~mu~ra!” Mr. Iwamoto’s voice boomed amongst the growing series of dreary moaning and vicious growls.  “You can’t hide from us!  We’ll find you wherever you go!”  His words struck fear into the pit of the schoolgirl’s stomach, but she stood firm, even as the glass of the door shattered and greedy hands pushed through in a vain, but urgent attempt to snag the two girls.  “Naughty girls never escape their punishment!”  The wood of the door began to splinter.  Iwamoto took it upon himself to rush the barrier, all too eager to get his hands on the pride and joy of his school.

            “Kayko,” Botan murmured, not breaking her defensive stance for a moment.  “I know it’s a stretch, but maybe you should open the window and make a jump for it.  It shouldn’t be too far to the ground.”  The drop might be a little jarring, but it would put some considerable distance between the zombies and their target.

            “I won’t.  I can’t leave you here alone,” Kayko bravely and rather frustratingly refused.  “We can fight our way through!  We’ve got by them before!”

            Botan couldn’t stop the smile of admiration; she always liked that Kayko was so selfless and strong-willed.  She should have known that Kayko would not accept the chance to escape alone.  “Well, if you can get that window open, I’ll be right behind you.  I’ll just be ready to fight them off if they break through.”  Her throat muscles flexed when she tried to swallow down the choking lump of doubt.

            Kayko nodded and went to work, unhinging the latches and sliding the pane open.  Looking down, she decided that it wasn’t too far of a drop to the ground, though it may make their legs numb after impact.  “Alright, I got…”

            “Harr!”  Iwamoto exclaimed victoriously when he broke through the door with a final shove, letting loose the flood of blue-skinned infected.  The large teacher snickered malevolently as he stared with violet-pink, pupil-less eyes at the two he instinctively had hunted.  “See?  Little rats always find themselves trapped, and you’ve nowhere to go, Yukimura!  Ugh!”  He spun in a full circle as he fell after taking a swinging bat to the side of his face.

            Botan took several cautious steps back, satisfied to have given the mad teacher a well-deserved strike.  “Kayko, leave,” she ordered.  “I’ll follow as soon as I can.”  Standing against over a dozen Makai-powered zombies; it didn’t seem like she’d be able to get out the window with a hop, skip, and jump.

            Torn between whether she should do as instructed and hope that Botan safely escaped or stubbornly stay and help to subdue all zombies, Kayko hesitated.  It was probably was the worst thing she had done, the biggest mistake, for that moment of her uncertainty became the hoard’s moment of attack.  Two fell to Botan’s haphazard swings, but she was eventually grabbed, arms squeezed securely to her sides.  She cried out and squirmed when the savaged human, strength enhanced, hoisted her up into the air before slamming her down and pinning her to a student desk.  She tried to fight back, but was swarmed by others who held her down.  Even in this dire situation of vicious hands roughly pawing at her, she cried for Kayko to run.

            “No!”  Brave, she may have been, but Botan had hoped that Kayko could’ve been smarter than brashly rushing forward with no weapon other than slapping hands.  Sure, she got a few hits in and almost freed Botan’s right leg, but it was only a matter of time before she was grabbed from behind and thrown against the wall.  She gasped harshly when a zombie – one she recognized as one of the teachers who were actually kind – shoved his weight against her to keep her stuck.  “Botan!”  She squirmed, but to no avail.

            Botan thrashed, kicking and even trying to bite at one of the five zombies holding her down.  However, even when her teeth sunk into them, they didn’t seem affected by pain.  The bat was torn from her grip to clatter onto the floor.  She had expected a beating, but the zombies never actually struck her, doing nothing but stretch her limbs out; with her legs pulled apart, she felt most uncomfortable and tried to bring her thighs together.

            Hands were on the move when she was subdued.  At first, she thought they were just trying to hold her down, but then she found them grabbing at her red outfit.  Pulling in opposite directions, the zipper of her top started to jar loose, and she fretted when the fabric eventually tore by the opposing tugs.  “Wha?  What are you doing?!” exclaimed the blue-haired ferry girl, flushed when the clothing was hastily drawn away from her luscious mounds supported by a pink, lace bra.  Her purple eyes widened fearfully when the man positioned between her parted legs suddenly fell forward, his demented, drooling smile terrifying her when it hovered just an inch or two above her bosoms.  He snickered and licked his lips.  Her skin crawled when she felt a drip of his saliva spill in between her tits.  Her vigor renewed, she panicked and fought against the zombies holding her, though once again, it was fruitless and only left her tired.  “Stop,” she cried, her teeth clenching fearfully when her bra was suddenly pushed up, her breasts being exposed for the hungry stares of those brainwashed masses around her.

            With no prelude caresses, the rabid man slid his palms up her flat stomach, her ribs, and finally fitted on the soft hills of her chest.  The feeling of having him grope her tender breasts made her stomach roil, but there was nothing she could do to fight him off, even when his thumbs and forefingers began to roughly twist either nipple.  It stung, but when the zombie hungrily caught her left tit in his slobbery orifice, she winced and hissed through her gritting teeth.  The man grunted, rolling his tongue over her pink nub to smother it with spit.

            Against her revulsion, Botan’s body reacted to the touches she had been absent of for so long.  She wriggled against him, which wasn’t entirely wise as it made her other breast jiggle to and fro until another zombie’s hand reached out to grasp it fully in an almost painful grip.  The Makai insects weren’t just enhancing violent tendencies anymore; other primal urges were augmented by their internal influence.  She shivered violently when the hem of her pants was traced.  “N-no,” she stuttered, her voice catching in her throat.  “Get away!”  With a momentary power-up of anxiety and anger, she pulled her right hand free to slap the head of the zombie sucking wetly on her breast.  “Get off, you disgusting, sick…!”  Her arm was pulled back into place, and before she could fight back, her head was pulled back to hang off the table.  She was prevented from looking anywhere but the crotch of the man holding onto her skull.  Much to her horror, the front of his pants was tenting over a swollen groin.  One of the powerful, subduing hands slid to her neck to hold her in place so that she could watch as the button and zipper of the trousers were viciously pulled apart.  With a shift of the boxers underneath, the swollen male organ sprung into view, thick and twitching.

            Botan whimpered and turned away when the underside of the deathly-blue penis laid over her mouth and chin.  She felt the vile moistness of its pre-discharge substance staining her cheek when the cockhead moved along her pale skin on a direct course to her mouth.  Even with little mobility, she put up a struggle, pursing her lips stubbornly and turning away from the wretched member.  She cringed when it smeared its transparent fluids over the tight line of her mouth, but she would not permit entrance, which was becoming increasingly difficult when trying to hold back the sounds of unwelcomed sensations from the crazed men molesting her legs and crotch, all the while disheveling her skintight pants, giving brief glimpses of the pink underwear below.

            Snarling angrily, the man at her head jabbed at her tight-lipped mouth again, unsuccessful in breaking into the orifice.  He gave a frustrated sound not unlike a bark of a dog.  Setting a hand on either side of her jaw, still keeping her head uncomfortably immobile and dangling off the edge of the desk, his thumbs reached out to wedge though her lips and pry her teeth apart; she tried to clamp her mouth shut again, but the Makai-boost was too much for her to overcome.  The scowl on the zombie’s face turned upside-down in a wickedly overjoyed smile.  Her tongue flexed as she gave incoherent protests, her eyes wide with terror as the thick cock was lined up with the orifice; her tongue drew back as far as it could to delay the repulsive contact with the blunt, weeping head.

            It was not a slow insertion; it was a thrust that had Botan gagging in an instant.  With her head back, her mouth led straight to her throat, offending her gag reflex when he invaded her esophagus.  The muscles flexed around him, and he gave a growling chuckle at the feeling.  His hips drew back, giving her just a few seconds to cough and catch her breath, and then he reinserted himself, howling as he drove deeper than before.  Still holding her jaw open, he ensured that she wouldn’t have the opportunity to bite his dick; having a high tolerance for pain was one thing, but losing a penis…  Even zombified, they couldn’t handle such an injury.

            Botan moaned deeply from the pain of her throat being fucked with bruising force.  She had never even tried oral sex before, and now, there she was, pinned down by several rabid civilians and had one of their dicks ramming through her mouth.  As if that wasn’t enough for her to be dreading, her pants were finally tugged down to her ankles, soon to be joined by her panties.  She gasped and yelled into the muffling cock when her blue-haired sex was put on display for the zombies to stare at.  Her thighs tried to come together, but they were still held firmly apart by two men.  She heard and felt the one situated at her groin snicker crazily, almost eyelevel with her dry vagina.  His finger and thumb came up to pull at the blue curls.  She closed her eyes tightly, whimpering as her toyed with her trimmed pubic hair and eventually ran his long, sloppy tongue over the length of her slit.  Evil tremors related to pleasure crawled up her spine, making her shudder while heat began to swirl in the pit of her belly.  No matter how she tried to fight it, her body was responding to the wet touch over her nether lips.  Saliva made her folds slick, easing the insertion when he wriggled his oral muscle into her tight sex.  She sobbed into the dick that was still ruthlessly surging into her forced-open throat.

            Similarly frantic – if not more so – Kayko was shoved up against the wall with a zombie on either side of her, keeping her arms flat on the wall.  She had thrashed against them, but her strength availed her nothing more than swift exhaustion, which made it that much easier for her highly-esteemed gym teacher to force her legs apart.  She squeaked the teacher’s name when her skirt was shoved up over the slight swell of her ass.  Of course, her first instinct was to slap him, but that was an impossible urge.  Tears of helplessness welled up in the corners of her wide, chocolaty eyes when she felt the teacher’s nose brush against the crotch of her white panties.  All too quickly, her underwear was yanked down to her knees.  “Stop it, Mr. Shintaro!  It’s… it’s me, Kayko,” she squealed, trying desperately to reason with whatever humanity was left within him.  She soon found out that there was no point to it, for Shintaro the wise had abandoned reason for madness!  Without the hesitation of a person with morals, the gym teacher dove for his student’s vagina, nibbling and lapping at the unprepared folds.  The tip of his tongue nudged against her hooded clitoris, probing it to coax her excitement with persistent laps that had her struggling not to make sounds signifying good feelings.

            However, her young body hadn’t the fortitude to lie as well as her mouth.  Before, it had been something of her own fetish to be with a teacher – having such a great respect and admiration for education and the ones who took the time to teach it – but this wasn’t how her fantasies played out.  “Please, Mr. Shintaro,” she wheezed as the tongue brought more wetness to her groin until her nubile body was blossoming with readiness.  Her taste flooded her gym teacher’s mouth, and her body was starting to jerk and tremble with a need she didn’t want.

            Mr. Shintaro stood up behind her, laughing like a maniac while still keeping her skirt hiked up over her bottom.  His fit body – one that reminded his prized pupil of Yusuke’s – pressed up against her back.  Hyperventilating, Kayko couldn’t even form words to try to dissuade her teacher’s mind.  One of his big hands left her waist, and she heard the dreaded sound of his zipper descending.  Not long after, she felt the hotness of his shaft set against her butt.  A breathless ‘no’ left her mouth.  Her body locked up in the frozen grip of fear.

            “Yukimura,” Shintaro groaned hoarsely.  Both of his hands held onto her hips when he repositioned his own by bending his knees a bit and leaning forward.  It took a few random jabs before he finally met her entrance.  Her voice worked one last time, imploring that he search his humanity, but it all fell on deaf ears.  He pushed up into her in a torturous crawl, a bit wider and longer than Yusuke’s still-young penis when they both lost their virginities to each other.  Shintaro moaned deep in his throat, growling as he wedged all the way up her tight channel for his blunt tip to end up against her cervix.  The insertion had felt incredibly good, but it made Kayko sick to her stomach.  She grunted from the feeling, instinctively spreading her legs so that it would be easier to take him.

            His heavy body pressed her firmly against the wall, her breasts uncomfortably squished beneath her, the two zombies at other side now being useless when constricting her; he was enough.  He made a few steady thrusts to get used to her body, and then he acted more savagely, snarling and howling as he pounded his student’s tight, reluctantly-willing snatch.  “Oh!”  Kayko screwed her eyes shut at the feeling.  His groin repeatedly banged against her ass with each upward thrust.  “Mister…!  Mr. Shintaro!  Please stop!  It hurts!  Ughn!!  Mr. Shintaro!”  Sweat made her brown hair mat over her forehead.  Her muscles involuntarily tried to milk the cock recklessly working in and out of her.  Behind her, Shintaro’s ragged breath was hot against the back of her ear.  Hearing him murmur her name amongst a series of incoherent, drawn-out moans chilled her to the bone, but it did not stop the heat of her groin.  “Uhn, Yusuke!” she cried out desperately.  “Yusuke!!”  She prayed that he would show up and rescue her from these madmen.

            Hot, white spurts shot into her womb in two more minutes.  Shintaro roared like a beast when he came, pressing as deep as he could in her snatch.  Kayko cringed and gasped each time a new wave of semen was deposited in her body; she had slapped Yusuke just for cumming on her leg and not using the tissues next to them.

            Shintaro did not extract himself until after his balls were drained in the schoolgirl, and he would’ve stayed in longer had another zombie not selfishly tore her away from him.  Before she even knew what was happening, Kayko found herself thrown over a desk with her ass and pussy on display for the heavyset, balding man who she did not recognize.  “W-wait!  Don’t!” she choked out, but the savage-minded zombie just spread her pussy lips and penetrated her with his less-fulfilling, but still-disgusting prick.  Her fingers curled around the edges of the desk to support herself as she took the squat man’s prick into her.  She looked back at him from over her shoulder, her breath hitching and small moans reverberating from her throat.  A man like this, his very appearance; she wouldn’t have given him a second glance while passing down the street, and now he was as physically intimate with her as possible.  “Please,” her wavering voice began again, “stopmmph!”  Her cheeks expanded when another zombified man pulled her head to face forward and take in an erection with her other end.  She gagged when the prick rammed against the back of her throat in careless abandon.

            Two desks to her right, Botan was lying on her back with her legs – tangled together at the ankle by her pants and panties – pushed upward while the zombie men ravaged her mouth and cunt.  Tears stung her eyes each time the zombie charged into her esophagus.  The zombie thrusting into her saliva-slick pussy was even less controlled, if that was at all possible.  With both hands locked on her waist, he yanked her over his straining cock over and over, moistening his contracting testicles with her juices.

            Botan’s only thought while she was given the fuck of her life was: hadn’t Yusuke beaten the last Saint Beast yet?!


            Yusuke panted while facing down Suzaku, leader of the Saint Beasts.  The elegant demon stood just as winded with the Makai whistle still firmly in his clutches.  His bird-companion Murugu harped overhead, even though Suzaku was running low on energy.  Yusuke cussed at the bird, but could not shut her up for good; he couldn’t waste precious spirit energy now.

            Suzaku huffed, though a smile found its way on his face.  “You may have broken my viewing screen with that last attack,” he said, referring to the heap of rubble behind his throne, “but I’m sure that your dear Kayko has been captured by now.  You fight to liberate your pathetic human city from the Makai; you may already be too late.”

            “That’s not going to happen, you prissy elf,” Yusuke exclaimed.  He snarled, but was too cautious to rush recklessly into another headlong attack.  “Kayko isn’t going to let your brainless drones catch her; she’s too smart for that!  And with Botan there… …  Kayko’s too smart!”

            “Only a human could be stupid enough to give into hope,” chuckled the Saint Beast of lightning.  He readied himself to attack.  “Just like your woman, I’ll destroy all your hopes!”

            Yusuke took a step back and swallowed hard.  Well, at least Kayko wasn’t having as hard of a time than he was, with those brainless drones chasing her and all…


            Kayko gagged when one of those ‘brainless drones’ snarled and emptied his balls into her mouth, forcing her to swallow, lest she wanted to drown.  The taste and texture made her stomach roil while being filled with the white substance.  At her crotch, she was saturated with her flowing juices and the fat man’s jizz, as he had elected to spray his load over her pubic mound.  Of course, that did not mean she was in the clear, and two more zombies eagerly went to fill her vacated holes with their hard penises.

            Botan was a bit more saturated, as more zombies had already completed their cycles on her.  Her supple breasts were covered with splatters of cum, as was her face.  She had no choice but to keep her throat open in preparation for every new cock entering.  Already, she had been forced to down two other men’s ejaculate, and was now having another cock face-fucking her.  His balls smacked her nose, making her flinch each time.  Her womb, in the meantime, went hot as the zombie fucking her met his end and spat his sperm into her.

            While Botan’s pussy was being topped off with cum, Kayko’s body was getting ready to accept another hot load.  That was before, however, she was rescued by the short man’s gyrating hips by the person she would’ve rather have not saved her.  Being torn away from all other zombies to lay on her back, she stared fearfully up at the giant zombie: Mr. Iwamoto.  Kayko had thought for sure he’d be down for the count after Botan struck him across the cranium with her bat.  He chuckled behind bleeding lips.  “Yukimura, you’ve been a very bad girl today,” he rasped and leaned over her so that she could stare deep into his lifeless, red eyes.  “Don’t think I’ve forgotten that you’ve hit a teacher!  I knew it was only a matter of time before Urameshi’s filth rubbed off on you!”  His hands felt like steel on her waist.  “It’s time for… correction!

            Kayko trembled fearfully underneath him, but still managed the strength to slap him; it only made him laugh more.  “Mr. Iwamoto,” she gasped out, now shoving against his midsection when he began to knead her thighs.  “Please, get a hold of yourself!”

            “I’ve got a hold,” he snapped at her.  His hands came up and tore her blouse open with little effort.  Her breasts – small, developing hills on her chest capped with brown nipples – bounced into view and were immediately mauled by his rough hands.  She whimpered and writhed, begging him to stop as he tweaked her vulnerable nipples.  “Yes, Urameshi is a bad seed…”  His hands slid down to her semen-rich pussy to rub through the wet, brown hair and rotate his thumb over her clitoris.  “No doubt he’s planted that seed down here.  But…”  His reach extended even lower, lower than what Kayko could stomach, and pressed against her virgin hole.  The grin on his face wrinkled his wizened features even more as Kayko held her breath.  “Yes, let’s see him take this spot!”

            “No!  Mr. Iwamoto!”  Kayko tried with new vigor to push him off of her as he yanked down his pants and briefs, exposing his long, hard erection.  Six inches just throbbing with the need for release, for the chance to be buried in her young body.  And he had already decided just where to put it.  She felt the blunt head rub moisture over the puckered hole, lubricating her ever so slightly until the fluids leaking from her snatch offered better slickness.  Then, against all of her pleas to stop, he pushed into her.  The hole was resistant, tightening to prevent this intrusion, but the iron-will of Sarayashiki Junior High’s most determined teacher would not be persuaded.  He growled at her resistance and jabbed into her, making her scream in pain.  No real preparation…  It felt like she would rip!  Iwamoto felt nothing but rapture in her agony as she twisted underneath him, her small hands pressing against his lower abdomen as he crept ever further into her.

            “Ah, so Urameshi hasn’t tainted this place yet,” he mused evilly at the tightness of this hole.  “I thought this would be the first place that filth would come to roost.  Oh well!”  He snarled and plunged all of himself into the schoolgirl with all of his might, causing her scream to echo throughout the halls of their beloved school.

            Botan felt the cry of pain in her gut, but could do naught to help.  Even if released from the hold of several empowered zombies, she doubted she would be in any condition to help anyone.  Regretful tears ran down her face as she was forced to accept a heavy discharge of semen over her face and in her hair.  She gasped for breath, taking the precious time in between zombie cocks to replenish her lungs.  “Kayko, Yusuke will urmph!”  She hadn’t a chance to finish as her mouth was abruptly filled by a zombie who just could not wait anymore.

            Iwamoto grunted as he fucked his pupil as hard as he could.  The desk underneath them rattled with the threat to give out altogether.  Kayko couldn’t get anything but the merest gasp or a sob of pain as he spread the hole of her rectum in ways that would leave her sore for days on end; going to class after this would not be as enjoyable as before.  Iwamoto was sure to grope her tender breasts with one hand while maintaining the other on her hips to keep her in place as he bucked harder and harder into her asshole.  “You’re just Urameshi’s little whore,” he growled over and over.  “You must be cleansed!  His filth is making you just as rotten as him!  We must counter his seed!”

            Kayko felt like she could go deaf from this slew of insults, all of which were untrue.  Having sex with Yusuke had been an emotional experience – aside from the brutal end of it – and hadn’t ruined their relationship at all.  This, on the other hand, truly did make her feel like some kind of whore, having various strangers fill her with their seed, and now, even a second teacher was plowing her like nothing before.  Pushing against him was proven a fruitless endeavor, and she could think of nothing else to do but hold onto his arms for support.  Her quim shuddered and expelled a good quantity of cum to help lube his passage in her rear.

            The most hated teacher in school, and he was fucking the most liked student.  Iwamoto was not a man who got laid often, being too busy with work while also having the looks of Frankenstein’s monster.  For him, it was combining both pleasures of his life: school and sex.  And in little time, that concoction of pleasures erupted from his loins.  Embedding himself fully into Kayko Yukimura, his blue complexion turning red with exertion, he shouted at the top of his lungs, “URAMESHI’S WHORE!!!”  His balls exploded their contents into her abused colon.  She felt his essence surge into her in thick bursts that made her feel like she could vomit.  He hunched forward, curling his hips with several quick jabs that aided in his long-denied discharge.

            At last, his boundless strength seemed to wane when he fell over the small girl while huffing and puffing.  Unlike the other zombies who just kept coming – derp – he took a moment to recover and catch his breath.  His penis deflated within Kayko’s ass, and her body naturally ejected him with several contractions that also pushed out some of his cum.

            She had thought that this nightmare was over, but Iwamoto’s fist latched painfully into her hair, and he chuckled like a wolf.  “We’re not done yet, Yukimura… uh!”  He looked as though he had taken a blow to the back of the head, which might as well have been the case, for he fell over, unconscious in the next instant.  Kayko had expected to see Botan behind him with her bat bloodied, but there was nothing.  She looked over and saw the blue-haired, cum-stained woman being freed by their zombie captors, moaning as they fell away like dropping flies.  Even the man whose cock was still pounding in and out of her gaping vagina gave up his assault to fall.  Both women sat in confused silence for a while as hot semen poured from practically every orifice.

            Botan, after clearing her throat and doing a shameful spit of cum on the floor, came up with a solution.  “I… I guess that means… Yusuke won.”  She did not sound like someone who was victorious, and neither did Kayko.  The two women just accepted this sudden liberation and headed to the lavatory to get cleaned of this shameful encounter that they hoped never to mention again.


            “Ah, he completed the mission successfully!” mused Koenma with a proud nod of his head while staring at the image of Yusuke and his team standing victorious in the remains of the Four Saint Beasts’ palace.  “Just as I thought!  The great Koenma has never been proven wrong, has he, ogre?”  He looked to Jorge for an agreeable answer.

            “Well,” Jorge said while shifting his lips, “we know that Yusuke and his team are alright, but shouldn’t you check on Botan to see if she’s alright?”

            Koenma flagged Jorge down.  “Ha!  Who gives a hissy-fit about her?” he admonished.  “Now that Yusuke has destroyed the Makai whistle, all wrongs have been righted in the human world.  What could be wrong?”  He hopped off of his chair then to walk to a little pillow nest at the corner of the room cradling Yusuke’s spirit egg, which was currently feeding off the energy of his intentions.  “Well, I was worried that a spirit monster of some kind would come out of this thing, but with Yusuke’s triumph, he might have a chance not to be eternally devoured.”

            Jorge leaned in with a hand to his ear.  “Say, Koenma-sir?  Do you hear something coming from the egg?”  Both master and ogre bent down to the egg to listen.  There was silence, and then an annoying voice that said nothing but…

            All together now!


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