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November 26, 1997

Honolulu, Hawaii


Yusuke Urameshi was in a deep sleep in his hotel room, snoring loudly. He was lucky to have finally drifted off; sleep wasn’t easy to come by these days. But he was awakened all too soon by his beloved wife, Keiko. When he saw her standing above him, fully dressed, he glared at her.

“What do you want?” he mumbled.

“We’re checking out of the hotel in a couple of hours,” she reminded him. “Do you need help getting dressed?”

“No—well, maybe,” Yusuke grunted, as he struggled to get out of bed. Even though he had only been pregnant for about a month now, he looked and felt like he was in his third trimester, with the baby heavily weighing him down. Still, he had no idea when he was going to give birth, because since the Mazoku were so rare, nobody knew how long their pregnancies lasted, not even Koenma. All they knew was that it would be soon.

The reason Yusuke was pregnant and not Keiko was because they feared that a human woman couldn’t give birth to a Mazoku’s child and survive (after all, Yusuke’s ancestral mom had died in childbirth), and they didn’t want to risk it. Yusuke, being a demon, could get pregnant despite being a male, so he agreed to carry the baby using IVF. Reikai used his sperm and Keiko’s egg to create an embryo in a lab, like they would for a regular IVF procedure, except they put it inside Yusuke and not Keiko.

It was difficult to get up, so Keiko helped Yusuke get out of bed and get dressed. Keiko gave him a smile—a beautiful smile that he had always loved.

“How is little Ichika doing this morning?” she asked.

“She’s using my bladder as a trampoline, as usual,” Yusuke grouched, heading to the bathroom. “I guess I should just be glad I’m not throwing up anymore.”

When he was finished up in there, Yusuke managed to waddle out to the main room. Keiko’s suitcase was already neatly packed for the flight home, which he had expected, but what he hadn’t expected was that Keiko had packed his suitcase for him, too.

“What are you, my indentured servant?” he said.

“You can’t even see your feet, Yusuke,” she reminded him. “Besides, it’s the least I could do. I really appreciate what you’re doing for our family.”

“Oh—well…” Yusuke shrugged. “No point in risking your life if I can safely carry her to term.”

“I just wish we knew when full-term is,” she said with an apologetic grin. “Hang in there, honey.”

“Don’t worry about me,” said Yusuke. “Let’s just get going.”

By the time they got down to the hotel lobby, the rest of their friends who had gone with them on the trip—Hiei, Kurama, Botan, Shizuru, Kuwabara, and Yukina—were already waiting with their suitcases.

“Thanks again for this trip to celebrate our birthday,” Yukina said cheerfully. “We loved Hawaii, didn’t we, Hiei?”

“Meh,” said Hiei. “I’m not looking forward to the eight-hour plane ride.”

“If it’s anything like the flight here, I’m going to need an aisle seat,” said Yusuke. The truth was, it was probably going to be even worse. They had only been in Hawaii for about a week, but the baby had grown a huge amount. It was clear that the baby of a Mazoku grew much faster than a human one. One thing they did know about mixed breeds was that the way the baby grew (and, in some cases, how many there would be) depended on whatever type of creature the “mother” was. So if Keiko had carried this baby, it would have been the regular forty weeks or so. But for Yusuke, so far it had only been five weeks.

It had only been last week that Yusuke got some fluttery movements that were so small that he felt he might have imagined them, but now they were constant, strong kicks. They had gotten an ultrasound and discovered that they were having a baby girl, who they named Ichika. Ichika Urameshi. Yusuke was thinking about what it would be like to raise a daughter when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around, and it was Kurama.

“Yusuke,” he said, “may I have a word?”

“Make it quick,” Yusuke told him. “I’m pretty sure we have to leave for the airport soon.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about,” Kurama said evenly, pulling Yusuke aside. “You may want to…put that off for a few days.”


“Well, for the past month or so, none of us knew when exactly you were going to give birth.” Kurama looked like he was choosing his words very, very carefully. “But as of this morning, I would not be surprised if you went into labor within the next twelve hours. In fact, I would be more surprised if you didn’t.”

Yusuke’s stomach lurched. “Why d’you say that?”

“I can easily tell by your scent,” Kurama replied. “I suggest we delay the flight until your daughter is born, just to be safe.”

“You’re not a doctor,” said Yusuke, trying to hide how nervous he felt all of a sudden. “What do you know?”

“I may not be a doctor, but I was trained in medicine as a young demon before I decided to switch career paths,” Kurama told him. “My sensei, Tamashi, assisted in the delivery of countless babies, and I have as well. I know what I’m talking about.”

“Well, so do I,” Yusuke lied. “There’s a portal back home in Japan that will lead me to a demon hospital where I can have the baby. If I had her here, we’d have to set up a whole new portal, and we all know that’s a bureaucratic nightmare. Even if I do go into labor on the plane, which I won’t, I’m sure she’ll be able to wait until we actually land to come out. I’ll just do those deep breathing exercises.”

“That’s a very risky gamble,” said Kurama, “but it’s not my call to make. Go on the plane ride if you must, but please take my suggestion as a warning.”

Yeah, and with a grain of salt, Yusuke thought, but he didn’t say it. Instead, he just waddled over to Keiko. Kuwabara was carrying his suitcase, which he said he could carry, but no one would allow him to lift a single heavy object. The baby was kicking up a storm, but the only pains Yusuke felt were in the regular places: his back, his feet, his hips. No contractions. Not yet.

Three hours into the plane ride, Yusuke found himself facing an awfully familiar pregnancy problem. Something about the pressure of being in the air while pregnant gave him horrible indigestion. This was way worse than the flight over to Hawaii, but he figured that was because he’d had a sudden, intense craving for a giant burrito at the airport and wolfed it down way too fast. Never again!

The pains got worse and closer together as time dragged on, and around the four-hour mark, Yusuke headed to the airplane bathroom—not because the burrito had finally made it through his system, but because he had to pee again. For some reason, the baby seemed to have sunk even lower in his pelvis than usual, and that made his already-weak bladder even worse.

Dammit! Why, oh why, did I eat that burrito? These pains in Yusuke’s abdomen were horrible, but nothing was coming out. Story of my life! I hate being pregnant!

But he was doing this for Keiko, he reminded himself. The two of them wanted a baby, and there was no way to know if it was safe for her to carry his child. Just like there was no way of knowing when this stupid baby was going to come out already.

And just like that, it hit him.

What if Kurama was right? What if this wasn’t indigestion at all? What if this was labor? Okay, he definitely should have listened! What was he supposed to do, give birth in an airplane bathroom over the toilet? As a matter of fact, how was he supposed to give birth at all? Was he ready to do this, even in a demon hospital, as he had planned? These pains fucking hurt, and if they were contractions, they were only going to get worse. Yusuke was getting lost in his pains, unable to hold back his screaming any longer, when he heard pounding on the door.

“Yusuke!” It was Keiko. “Yusuke, are you all right? You’ve been in there for twenty minutes!”

“Keiko…” Yusuke leaned forward as best he could to unlock the door to the bathroom and let her in, not caring if he was naked from the waist down with his pants and underwear around his ankles. It was nothing she hadn’t seen before, after all. “It’s the baby. The baby’s coming!”

“The…the baby’s coming now?” Keiko’s eyes widened in shock, but she seemed to recover quickly, as she so often did. “All right, Yusuke. I saw something like this on the news once. I’m going to see if there’s a doctor on board, then ask the pilot for an emergency landing.”

“Keiko, we’re over the ocean!” Yusuke shouted, just before going into another contraction. It was as if each one was worse than its predecessor, in terms of both length and intensity. When it was finally over, he was able to speak again. “And what the hell kind of doctor knows what to do with a male pregnancy?!”

“You’re right,” said Keiko, her voice shaky. “But still…I’ve got to try something.”

“Like what?”

“I’ll figure it out,” she told him. “Stay right here while I get help.”

“Like I have a choice!” Yusuke yelled, annoyed, as she left the bathroom. The contractions kind of reminded Yusuke of when Suzaku was attacking him a few years back—all those horrible electric shocks that just kept coming, getting stronger and stronger, until he was screaming in much the same manner. It even felt as if his youki was being drained, making it ever more difficult to handle the pain.

Worst of all, any doubt that Yusuke was actually in labor was removed when splash—his waters came, all of the amniotic fluid landing in the toilet, but it was unmistakable. After it happened, the pains got even worse. What was he going to do?

It was probably just a few minutes, but it felt like hours later when Yusuke heard another knock on the door.

“Keiko?” he said groggily, relieved that she was back.

“Yes,” she replied. “It’s going to be all right.”

Yusuke was surprised to hear Kurama’s voice next: “May I come in?”

“Why? So you can gloat?”

“No, I’m here to help,” said Kurama. “Whether I saw this coming or not is irrelevant.”

“How very big of you,” Yusuke told him sarcastically, but he was soon screaming again as his pains threatened to overcome him. It felt as if the ninshinsu—male womb—was being squeezed and twisted, sending pains rocketing through his abdomen and down his spine. That one lasted so long, Yusuke wondered if it would ever end. It didn’t help that he had very little youki left, not to mention being in the worst possible headspace.

“Yusuke, you need help,” Keiko insisted. “Please let us in. Kurama has helped deliver lots of babies, he says, and I can be your moral support.”

“All right, fine,” Yusuke moaned. “Just get her out of me.”

Well, this might be incredibly painful, Yusuke thought, but at least he had one of his best friends and the love of his life to help him get through it. He hadn’t locked the door, so next thing he knew, both Kurama and Keiko were in the bathroom with him. Keiko instantly rushed to his side and held his hand.

“Yusuke, I’m going to need you to work with me,” Kurama said gently, setting one hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Can you do that?”

“I can’t do this on a plane,” Yusuke moaned. “I need to go to a hospital.”

“I’m not sure you’ll have enough time for that,” said Kurama. “Mazoku likely give birth to their children very quickly, if your short gestation period was any indication. Your water has already broken.”

Needless to say, Yusuke didn’t have to ask how his friend knew; even he could smell it.

“Please try, Yusuke,” Keiko begged. “For the sake of our daughter.”

On the one hand, if Mazoku gave birth to their children as quickly as they “grew” them, that would mean that Yusuke probably wouldn’t have to endure hours more of excruciating pain. But on the other hand, though he had been so anxious before for his daughter to be here, now that he was actually faced with labor and delivery, he was wondering if it wasn’t better for her to just stay put. Human women had approximately forty weeks to prepare for this. Yusuke had only had five.

But then again, it wasn’t really his choice. Even if he didn’t want to go through childbirth, it was going to happen anyway.

“Fine,” he said. “What do I do?”

“First of all, I need you to relax,” said Kurama. “Childbirth is a natural process. You can do it on an airplane just as well as you could in the hospital, because your body already knows what to do.” He smiled. “Think of this as a happy moment, Yusuke. Your daughter, little Ichika, is being born. Isn’t that right, Keiko?”

“Absolutely.” Keiko nodded and squeezed Yusuke’s hand. “Remember those breathing exercises we learned? The next time you have a contraction, let’s try them out, okay? I can help you.”

Yusuke sincerely believed that he could not have done the breathing exercises if Keiko hadn’t been there, breathing right along with him. Of course, she was better at it, and she held his hand while he fought his way through another contraction.

“Good,” said Kurama, once it finally ended. “Remember that screaming uses up energy, and this will all go easier if you’re calm and relaxed. Demons need youki to give birth, remember, so the more you conserve of your youki, the better. And until it’s time to push, the main thing you have to do is get through the contractions. It’s a good idea to time the contractions and the space in between, too.”

“How will he know when it’s time to push?” Keiko asked.

“Well, supposedly it feels a lot like the urge to use the toilet, but a lot stronger,” he said, looking at Keiko, then at Yusuke. “This is especially true in males, since the baby comes out of the same place. Eventually the urge becomes impossible to hold back, sort of like having to close your eyes when you sneeze.”

It turned out Kurama was right about Mazoku having speedy labors. After only two hours’ time, when they had been in the air for about six and a half hours, Yusuke knew that it was time.

“I-I think I have to push,” he announced. Both Keiko and Kurama looked pleased.

“Come and stand up, Yusuke,” said Keiko, and with Kurama’s help, she pulled Yusuke to his feet. “We don’t want our precious baby girl falling into the toilet!”

Just like Kurama said, this sensation was incredibly similar to the need to use the bathroom. In fact, he couldn’t even say for certain which one he was experiencing. It was either the baby or the burrito, and he desperately hoped it was the former, for the latter would be hideously embarrassing to do in front of Keiko. He couldn’t decide if it was alarming that he had so little control over his bodily functions right now, or if it was actually a good thing that his body was basically doing the work for him.

“Kurama, I feel like I have to take a massive dump,” he whispered. “How can I be sure I’m not just going to do that?”

“Well…you can’t,” Kurama admitted. “In fact, it’s quite common for someone to do both.”

“What?!” Yusuke hissed. “Since when?”

“Since the beginning of time,” said Kurama wryly. “Look. You’re using the same muscles, and as a male, the same exit. You may feel a lot of surprising things when you push. It’s normal. Just try to concentrate, all right? Focus on conserving your youki and bringing that baby into the world. Nothing else matters right now.”

“He’s right, Yusuke,” said Keiko, who appeared to have overheard their exchange. “You could never embarrass yourself in front of me. I love you too much for that.”

Keiko’s words and the voice in which she spoke were so sweet and kind that for a moment, Yusuke really felt that all was right in the world. That lasted for maybe a good ten seconds before another contraction came, and along with pain, there was that…that need. That feeling that he just had to bear down and let this happen.

“She’s…she’s coming,” he couldn’t help but gasp. As if that wasn’t obvious.

“Let her come,” said Keiko. “Yusuke, you’re doing great.”

Yusuke leaned his weight on the bathroom wall, holding himself up with his hands. Kurama was behind him, while Keiko was beside him. She took one of his hands and clasped it through hers, and he squeezed it. Standing up and shifting around a bit relieved a little of the pressure, but not enough. Yusuke could feel the baby shoving everything else out of its way as it came down.

His anatomy “down there” had changed a little bit as soon as he was reborn as a demon, because now all those parts that he’d had before were keeping company with a womb, called the ninshinsu, and a birth canal. This wasn’t such a big deal when he wasn’t pregnant. But when he was, the new parts of his body took up even more space, and it was uncomfortable to say the least. The fact that the male womb was located right on top of the bladder was trouble enough, and now his body was just forcing the baby out of the ninshinsu and through the attached birth canal, past his bladder, almost causing it to let go—

“Fuck!” Yusuke yelled suddenly. What was that? It certainly wasn’t pain. Keiko and Kurama both wanted to know if he was all right, but he was too deep in the middle of a big push to answer. When it was over, though, the sensation didn’t go away. He was in labor, but this didn’t feel bad. In fact, dare he say it felt…good?

On the next push, he could deny it no longer. He was actually getting off on this. And with Keiko standing right there, too. He could feel the mass of the baby bumping into something, putting intense pressure on it. But he didn’t know what. And he was too embarrassed to ask. Sure, Kurama had said that Yusuke would feel surprising things during pushing, but arousal could not possibly have been what he meant, could it? Kurama didn’t seem like the sort of person to say such a thing bluntly, at least not unless he was the father, but this just didn’t seem right.

But it felt so wonderful…so intense…so pleasurable. The next time he felt the urge, he wanted to push more than ever, but at the same time, he was afraid that if he did, his body would betray the way he felt. In fact, he was pretty sure it already had. All he could hope for was that his wife and friend didn’t notice. So while the pleasurable sensation remained, no matter what he did, he tried to hold his pushes back, to keep it from intensifying and resulting in something that was much more embarrassing than taking an accidental dump. It was horrible, and he could hardly manage it.

“Yusuke, what’s wrong?” said Kurama quietly, coming around to talk to him. “Why are you holding back? Do you need to use the toilet?”

“That’s not what I’m trying to hold in,” said Yusuke through clenched teeth. When Kurama raised an eyebrow, he added in a whisper, “It’s…it’s a guy thing, okay?”

“I understand,” Kurama whispered back. “But trust me, that reaction is normal. So don’t hold back, now. Push.”

“But what if I…you know…?”

“You wouldn’t be the first one,” Kurama replied. “It's okay, it's normal, so you don't need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Just push, Yusuke!”

Well, maybe Kurama had seen this sort of thing before, but what Yusuke was really debating was whether or not he was okay with Keiko knowing about this. On one hand, he didn’t want her to think he was a total sicko, getting off on something that was supposed to be so pure and wholesome. But on the other hand, it seemed kind of hot, too, that he would feel this way when delivering their baby. After all, he hadn’t been “in the mood” for the entire pregnancy, and he hadn’t banged her in five weeks, which was unprecedented for them; they hadn’t gone two days without having sex since getting together. So maybe it was fitting that he’d be so aroused during a process he couldn’t have done without her. He still didn’t really understand why he felt this way, or what exactly was being stimulated. But he didn’t really care. If it was truly normal, like Kurama said, that must mean he had permission to enjoy this.

“Oh, yeah…that’s it,” Yusuke heard himself breathe in relief, before bearing down again. Keiko grabbed one of Yusuke’s hands, while his other hand was still holding him up, his palm flat against the bathroom wall, and he brought her knuckles up to his mouth, kissing them quickly. She blushed, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Yes, this is definitely hot, he thought, as he felt her stroking his sweaty hair. Even if she was only doing it in a moral-support kind of way, he could take it any way he liked. He kept pushing, with her help, strong pushes backed by youki that easily pushed the baby down, down, still for some reason rubbing against a very good location, so that it nearly canceled out any would-be pain from the contracting of the ninshinsu, or even when he finally felt himself start to stretch open at the baby’s crown. He leaned into it, holding his beautiful wife’s perfect, soft hand, as she used her other hand to rub his back, his hair, his shoulders, and he might have actually reached a climax if he hadn’t heard Kurama yelling, “Stop, Yusuke, stop!”

“Shut up!” Yusuke yelled, furious at the interruption, but Keiko’s grip slackened.

“Is something wrong, Kurama?” she asked.

“Well, I wouldn’t say something is wrong, necessarily…” Kurama frowned. “But it is a bit unusual. I’m afraid the baby is breech.”

Keiko gasped, but Yusuke demanded, “What the hell does that mean?”

“It means she’s coming out feet-first,” Keiko explained.

“Bottom-first,” Kurama corrected. “My guess is that since the pregnancy progressed so quickly, she didn’t have time to turn.”

“I need to see this,” said Keiko, and she ran around behind Yusuke, to where Kurama was standing. “Oh…wow.”

“You need to be much more careful with your pushes now,” Kurama advised. “Usually the baby’s head paves the rest of the way for the birth. But now, your baby’s head is going to come out last. You both have a greater chance of injury, but it can be done. When you next feel the urge, go ahead, but be careful.”

Yusuke waited. Keiko walked over and squeezed his hand again. When he felt that it was time, he tried to be careful, like Kurama suggested, but it was so difficult. Every single fiber of his being was screaming at him to push like there was no tomorrow. There was still the pleasurable sensation from most of the baby still being inside him, and then there was the “Ring of Fire,” and now there was this insurmountable pressure that he wasn’t allowed to succumb to, lest he tear himself apart. It was all mixing together, stressing him out, and it was getting impossible to handle. He tried to follow Kurama’s advice, but he couldn’t.

“Guys…I don’t think I can hold back anymore,” Yusuke groaned, sinking down onto his knees to kneel. The baby was stretching his entrance in a very unpleasant manner, and he just wanted to get it over with. “I gotta push this baby out now.”

“Gently, Yusuke,” Keiko insisted, rubbing his shoulder. “Come on, breathe with me again, okay? Blow. Like this.”

Keiko made a repeated blowing sound, like she was blowing out birthday candles. Yusuke did his best to follow her lead. Together they were like that fairy-tale wolf, huffing and puffing.

“Just take a deep breath and bear down slowly,” Kurama instructed. “Maybe it will help if you get onto all fours. It will probably be more comfortable than kneeling.”

“You can do it, Yusuke,” Keiko encouraged, as Yusuke got into a crawling position. “Besides, this can’t be the first time Kurama has dealt with a breech birth.”

“Hardly,” said Kurama. “One time, Tamashi and I assisted in the delivery of fourteen little baby youkos, one right after the other, and about half of them were upside down.”

“There were fourteen?!” said Yusuke, blanching mid-cleansing breath.

“Yes, but the mother and all the babies were all perfectly fine forty-eight hours later,” said Kurama. “You’ll be fine, too. Just take it nice and easy.”

“Remember to breathe,” Keiko added.

Even as Yusuke tried to push gently, and Keiko helped him with his breathing, he couldn’t deny the fact that he was scared. Maybe things would have been just fine if the baby was coming out head-first, but he didn’t have to be a doctor to understand why butt-first would be a little more concerning. If it hurt as much as it did right now, could that mean something was wrong? It did mean his opening had to stretch a little more than normal, didn’t it?

“Yusuke?” Kurama’s voice was calm and even. “Do you mind if I get a little more…hands-on? It will help a lot.”

“Anything to get this over with,” said Yusuke.

“I can help, too,” said Keiko. “Just tell me what I need to do, Kurama, and I can do it.”

“Great!” Kurama sounded glad for the assistance. “All right, Keiko, I’m going to use my fingers to gently widen the opening, and you just make sure you have a good hold on Ichika. Understood?”

“Understood.” Keiko’s voice was firm and confident, so sure of herself. Just the way Yusuke liked it. When he was done with this labor, they were so going to bang.

“Are you sure Keiko can’t be the one to use her fingers and Kurama can catch the baby’s legs?” said Yusuke, but when they were both silent, he knew he’d said something dumb again. “Uh…never mind. Forget I said anyth—ergh!”

Yusuke’s sentence was cut off by the return of his “pushy feeling,” and it was just as strong as ever. Pushing the breech baby out felt sort of like when he ate bad Mexican food and bricks of fire were coming out of his ass, except way worse. For all he knew, he was shitting bricks of fire, along with a gigantic baby that must weigh thirty pounds. Earlier, he had been embarrassed at the thought of doing that in front of the woman he loved, but now he could care less. All he wanted was this baby out.

“Her legs should be out soon,” Kurama was saying. “Hold onto her, Keiko, but never pull.”

“I can’t get a good grip on her,” said Keiko. “Not enough of her is out yet.”

“Yusuke, spread your legs farther apart and push hard,” Kurama instructed. “Perfect, just like that…Keiko, I’ll guide her out.”

“I don’t want to miss this,” said Keiko. “I can still watch, right?”


“Oh, good.” Keiko sounded both relieved and happy. “Remember to breathe, Yusuke.”

“Use your abdominal muscles, too,” Kurama added, “and not just your pelvic floor.”

Every part of Yusuke’s body ached, and his opening burned horribly. It was all he could do to focus on his breathing, especially now that Keiko was otherwise occupied. Whenever he wasn’t having a contraction, he tried to stay relaxed, taking deep breaths. And when he did have one, he put everything into his pushes. He could only try to tell himself, through his pain, that Kurama and Keiko would keep him and his daughter safe. He could feel her coming out, and he could feel Kurama adjusting her position a bit, so it would be easier.

“She’s moving, she’s moving!” Keiko sounded so excited. “Yusuke, you’re doing great! Just keep pushing!”

“Here come her legs,” said Kurama. “Give me a hard, hard push.”

“Like I—ugh—have a choice!” Yusuke said irritably, but Keiko gave him motivation like nothing else could. The urge came again, with Yusuke helpless to stop it, and finally the baby’s legs slipped out.

“My…my goodness,” Keiko’s voice was shaky and high-pitched. “That’s her. That’s my daughter.”

“She’s very beautiful,” Kurama told her.

“You haven’t even seen her face yet, you silly,” said Keiko, and she actually giggled. “Oh, Yusuke! This is the happiest day of my life!”

“Sure wish I could say the same,” Yusuke groaned. “Maybe it’ll be different when my ass isn’t being torn apa—aaahh…!”

It seemed Yusuke could not finish his sentences. He couldn’t talk while he was pushing, only vocalize, though Kurama advised him not to put his energy towards screaming. The sounds he made ended up becoming a bizarre series of grunts and moans instead.

“Here comes an arm!” Keiko squealed. “Oh, Yusuke, you should see her! She’s just so adorable!”

“Her right arm’s out,” Kurama announced. “Good job, Yusuke. Her left arm will probably emerge with her head. One more push should do it.”

“Can I please catch my baby?” Keiko begged.

“Yes, of course,” Kurama reassured her.

Kurama stayed calm, as usual, while Keiko grew ever more excited. Yusuke grabbed onto the toilet seat and pushed as hard as he could.

Do it for Keiko, do it for Keiko.

And then the baby’s head and arm slipped out, Keiko was crying, the baby was crying, and it was all over. Yusuke slumped onto the toilet seat, suddenly exhausted.

“Oh, my baby!” Keiko was sobbing. “My baby’s here! Yusuke…!”

Yusuke couldn’t even find the strength to turn around and take a look at his baby girl. Luckily, Kurama helped him sit down, leaning on the toilet, as he watched Keiko cradling their screaming newborn. He couldn’t help but smile, loving how natural it looked.

“You’re gonna be an amazing mom, Keiko,” he said. “And as for you, Kurama…I’ve never met this Tamashi guy, but I’ll bet he’d be proud.”

“It was no trouble.” Kurama smiled. “Well done, Yusuke.”

“Would you like to hold her, Yusuke?” Keiko asked, wiping her eyes on her sleeve.

“Well, yeah…of course.” Yusuke held out his arms. Keiko passed the baby to Kurama, who set her gently into Yusuke’s arms. He held her against his chest, being as careful as he could. She truly was a beautiful baby; she had wisps of brown hair on her head, and her eyes were a beautiful brown as well. Eventually, she stopped her crying, and cuddled into her father, as happy as can be.

The afterbirth was neither painful nor difficult, and after a little bit, Kurama told Keiko she could cut the baby’s cord.

“Here, use this,” he said, handing her what looked like a smaller version of Kurama’s Leaf Blade.

“It’s like a knife,” she observed, her eyes wide.

“Yeah, a blade of grass,” said Yusuke. “Go ahead. Cut it.”

Keiko readied the knife, then made a clean slice. Kurama tied off the baby’s cord, then handed her back to Yusuke to hold. They cleaned her off in the sink, Keiko took off her pink sweater to use as a blanket for the new baby, and Kurama held her as Keiko helped Yusuke back into his pants. Then they sat down again, cuddling each other, both unable to keep their eyes off their beautiful little Ichika.

“I guess things worked out all right after all,” said Yusuke, reaching out one hand for the baby to grab. “Even if she was one of those babies born at a crazy time, in a crazy place.”

“Oh, believe me.” Keiko smiled and laughed. “I wouldn’t expect the child of Yusuke Urameshi to be born any other way.”


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