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Disclaimer: I do not own Yuyu Hakusho or Inuyasha. I make no money from this written work. It is for entertainment value, nothing more.

I do not own Yuyu Hakusho or Inuyasha. I make no money from this written work. It is for entertainment value, nothing more.

AN: I gloss over when happens in the anime, so if you haven't watched it, then ask what happens, or watch the show. This fic begins with the death of Sensui and will develop from there. This is my first fic, so pleasepleaseplease comment. Let me know how I'm doing including where I need to improve.

Thanks and enjoy!


Chapter 1

It has been 500 years since demons retreated to the Makkai and were sealed away from Ningenkai. Inuyasha had gone with his brother, Sesshomaru, and his son, Shippo, when they had elected to move there. He had long lost hope of ever seeing the human world again, when, one day when he was wandering the forest, he felt a tear in the barrier.

He immediately leapt through the trees toward the tear. When he got close, he saw a powerful human glowing gold with holy powers fly through followed by a gorgeous, silver kitsune, a dark, fiery Jaganshi, and a tall, ugly ginger boy. He watched the latter three battle it out with the holy man and get their asses handed to them and was just about to join in as they collapsed on the ground when he heard a loud screeching sound and looked up to see a huge blue bird flying toward the plateau with a teenaged boy with immense power and Koenma on its back.

He watched and followed the ensuing battle between Sensui and Yusuke, and listened from up in a tree to the conversation around Sensui's body. When he hears about the boy wanting to hunt down his ancestral father the mazaku, Raizen, he leaps down at the edge of their group, "So you're the old king's kin, are ya," he asks with a cocky grin.

Everyone turned to him in shock immediately taking up defensive positions on reflex, Yusuke in front of Koenma, Kurama in front of Puu and Hiei. None of them had felt his approach. Koenma peered at him over Yusuke's shoulder. His face broke out into a grin and he shifted around Yusuke, "Inuyasha?" Inuyasha nods. "Inuyasha! It's been a while. Seems your demon blood won out." Inuyasha's grin broadens showing off sharp canine fangs.

"Whoa, hold it Diaper Breath! Care to explain to the rest of the class who this guy is," Yusuke interjects.

Kurama frowns in thought for a moment trying to remember where he had heard that name before until he softly asks, "You wouldn't happen to be lord Sesshomaru of the Western Lands' brother, would you?"

"Half brother. And he ain't 'Lord of the West' anymore. Not since we came here." He grins, "It's been great shoving that in his face. The bastard's head gets too big for his own good some times."

Yusuke looks between everyone, annoyed at being left out of the conversation, "Will someone just tell me what's going on? The peanut gallery over here is getting ready to start bashing heads if he doesn't get answers soon."

Kurama and Koenma sigh. Inuyasha just laughs, "Kid, it's your lucky day. I can get you to Raizen's castle. It ain't far either. Ya said ya wanted ta kick his ass, so I'll lead ya to him. Even if I'm pretty sure your ass is the one that'll get kicked clear across the Makai. Even a staved Raizen is no joke."

Kurama checks on Hiei, running his fingers through his loves midnight locks. Something about Inuyasha had him intrigued. It was unnerving that he hadn't sensed his presence until he was in their midst, and it was strange he couldn't smell any human on him at all. Wasn't Inuyasha supposed to be a hanyou? What did Koenma mean by the demon blood winning out? Satisfied his mate was alright, Kurama turned back to the conversation. It seems Inuyasha offered to escort Yusuke to Raizen.

Koenma steps in just as Yusuke is about to retort and explains about what the SDF are up to.

"What?! Finally there's a chance ta get a hold of some ninja food and I'm about to miss out? I don't think so," Inuyasha yells and leaps off through the trees toward the tear in the barrier.

Kurama stares after the retreating form, "Ninja food?"

"Well that settles it," Yusuke says, "Lets go home Puu." Everyone clambers onto Puu's back they head back toward where they came from and see Inuyasha using the demon tower as a spring board to get through the barrier. The group catches up to him, and head toward the net. the whole SDF squad is waiting there for them. Koenma manages to talk everyone through with little trouble.


Inuyasha takes a look around just outside the caves at the group and the surrounding area and takes a deep breath wrinkling his nose at the end and coughing at the stench of pollution in the air, "Damn! I forgot how much your era reeks!" He covers his nose with a sleeve of his fire rat robes. He wanders around the clearing while everyone explains the situation to Genkai.

"So," begins a scratchy old voice, "Where are you planning on staying dog breath?"

Inuyasha bristles at the familiar insult from an unfamiliar source. "What's it to ya," he asks defensively then adds, "Old hag."

Kurama sighs at the budding tension between the two and offers, "You can stay at my house for a while. I'm sure mother wouldn't mind. Hiei stays there plenty as is."

Yusuke snorts, "Yeah Hiei stays at your place plenty." He leers playfully, "But that's different isn't it Kurama? Are you offering to add people to your bed? Cuz I gotta say I'm a bit insulted you invited a stranger before m," he stops with a sword at his throat.

A suddenly awake and sniggering Hiei admonishing, "Watch it detective."

Yusuke grins and backs away, "Hey short stuff. You know I was just kidding around. Kurama's not my type anyway," He glances evilly at Kurama, "Too girly."

Hiei nods, "Hn."

Inuyasha watches the exchange and laughs, "You're lucky, kid. If you'd hit on my brothers mate, even in jest, the sword wouldn't have stopped at your throat. Your head would have come off."

Hiei glares at the newcomer. "And who are you," he asks wondering just how much he missed and feeling confused he couldn't sense this demon's power.

"What crawled up your butt shorty?" Inuyasha draws his blade and parries a few lightning quick blows from Hiei with little effort as he continues speaking as if the guy wasn't attacking him, "The names Inuyasha. Are ya done yet?" Hiei blinks and sheathes his sword when he feels Kurama's calming hand on his shoulder. He nods and flits away into the surrounding forest to watch from the treetops.

Kurama watches Hiei go and turns to Inuyasha, "So would you like to stay at mothers or not? If you do there will be ground rules. Do not swear, be respectful, and you cannot tell her what you are or what I am. She doesn't know about all of this."

Inuyasha stares at Kurama for a moment as if he had suddenly turned acid green and sprouted antlers. "How does your mother not know she birthed a hanyou child?!"

Kurama explained the particulars of his birth and his life with Shiori since then. Inuyasha frowned in thought for a few moments then turned to Kurama with serious fatherly eyes. "You should tell your mother. She deserves to know, and if she loves you half as much as you say, then she'll still accept you after finding out, and, if she doesn't, she doesn't love you as much as she seemed to." Kurama is taken back by the sudden shift in attitude. Gone was the childishness and bravado. Here was a mature adult. Inuyasha couldn't help thinking about his own mother. How she had loved him even though it had cost her so much and how he HAD lost her early on, but if she had lived, she, at least, would have known why her son didn't age after puberty. "She will notice something is off eventually when you stop aging in a year or so. You should explain before that." Suddenly he grins and laughs, "I think I will stay with you. I'll even follow your rules. You seem much less mischievous than my kit. He would have tried to trick me the moment I showed up in that clearing. Shame really."

Kurama looked stunned, which surprised everyone watching the quiet conversation, and then narrowed his eyes at the comment about his lack of mischievousness. It hurt his kitsune pride. He turned on his heel and climbed into the truck, "We should all get going. It's getting late."

Inuyasha hopped in the back with a grin. he knew he was playing with fire, insulting a kitsune like that, but this guy just didn't seem to want to follow his instincts like Shippo did. Shippo stuck him to a rock in the first few minutes of knowing him. Avoiding and repaying tricks had become a never ending game between them. But it had become a bit stale in the last couple years. He was hoping to learn some new tricks. Inuyasha looked down at the unconscious kid next to him. the boy was slowly opening his eyes. "Must be dreaming," he mumble blinking owlishly at him, "What's with the dog eared guy?"

"Ain't a dream kid," Inuyasha grinned down at the boy.

Yusuke frowned at Inuyasha, "Hey, yeah. How're you gonna hide those things from Shiori?"

Inuyasha laughed, "I've been living with a kitsune for over 500 years now. I've had to pick up a fair few of his tricks just to survive with my sanity intact. A little illusion will clear this right up and have me lookin like I used to on my human nights." Inuyasha pulled out a green leaf from his sleeve and cast his illusion. There was a puff of smoke and his eyes and hair changed color and his ears, fangs and claws were gone. he looked like a teen with long black hair and dark eyes.

Yusuke's jaw dropped. Kurama quirked an eyebrow, "Kitsune don't usually share their secrets. How did you convince this one to share his?"

"I didn't. You can only be tricked so many times before you have to learn to play your kit's game. This was the first trick I figured out. Took me a while, but man was he surprised when what he thought was his mom hit him upside the head. Kagome never liked me hitting her kit." Inuyasha looked wistful at that last comment.

"So you have a mate," Kurama asks surprised Inuyasha would just leave his mate behind in the Makai.

"Wife, actually. And she's been dead for a long time now. She was human. She came from this era actually through a well. Not sure if that's happened yet." Inuyasha grins. "That'll be a fun game to avoid her and possibly myself if it has and they come here."

"Don't worry," Koenma assures from the passenger seat, "Kagome is only about 12. You're three years too early to get caught by them."

Inuyasha fiddles with the beads around his neck, "I'll avoid her all the same. I wouldn't want to be sat accidentally."

"Sat," Kurama asks curiously.

"These beads are beads of subjugation. If Kagome were to say the command word, in this case, 'sit' then they would drag me forcefully to the ground. I can't tell you how much it hurts to be wrenched by the neck with enough force to make a crater in a dirt road, or crack stone. It was worse when she'd say it over and over." Inuyasha shudders and rubs his neck feeling the phantom pain.

Kurama looks at him in horror, "Why would your own wife do something like that?"

"Well," Inuyasha grins sheepishly, "When the beads were forced on me I WAS trying to kill Kagome. Then as we got closer, she used them less and less. Hell, they even saved my life a couple times." They were entering the city now and headed toward the apartment they had been using.

They pull up and get out heading upstairs. Keiko and Shizuru come out Keiko runs to Yusuke and glomps him sobbing about Puu being dead and being so worried and not to ever pull dangerous stunts like that again. Yusuke just takes it in with an annoyed look on his face. "C'mon Keiko. You worry too much."

Kuwabara got punched by Shizuru for getting captured by the enemy, and Inuyasha followed the rest of the team into the apartment. He looked around and saw Kurama sitting on a couch with Hiei talking quietly and Genkai headed to another room. His eyes fell on the TV and he went over to it and turned it on to see cartoons. He sat down in front of it and folded his arms in his sleeves to watch. It had been so long since he had watched stuff from one of these strange boxes and he was soon absorbed in the show.

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