King of the Saint Beasts

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King of the Saint Beasts

Yusuke’s demon powers were awakened at a young age and he was cast from his human mother and thrown into the demon world. He gathers two demon comrades and goes to maze castle where he makes himself king of the beasts.

Chap 1 Demon Yusuke

Yusuke’s demon powers are awakened at an early age, and his powers grow exceptionally until he’s 18 where more physical changes take effect, he gained demon markings on his body and his hair grew very long and wild, much like a beast’s mane. Yusuke could mask his demon appearance well enough to continue having a normal life.

Thanks to his senses he located a stray fox that found himself in the human world. Kurama was surprised to find another half breed, especially such a hot one. Yusuke could manipulate both spirit and demon energy in the most interesting of ways. At first Kurama thought he was a threat but instead Yusuke came with a gift a special herb from the demon world. How Yusuke got it Kurama didn’t know but the herb was able to save his mother from the illness that afflicted her.

Yusuke wanted Kurama as part of his pack and the fox boy was quick to join. Kurama was mated to Yusuke shortly after and Kurama’s true powers were returned to him from the amount of demon and spirit energy poured into them. Kurama’s human form remained the same but he now had two other forms, his first transformation had him looking like Yoko but with red hair and green eyes, and dark red fox ears, then if he needed it he could push the final bound and become the gorgeous silver haired fox Yoko Kurama, Kurama had years of experience from being Yoko, but Yusuke was an interesting partner and alpha. Kurama did not need to seduce Yusuke to get what he wanted the man seemed to know and give Kurama everything he needed and more.

Kurama could never really place Yusuke’s mood, there were moments where he would be prepped and mounted and taken so hard it felt so good it was mind blowing. Then there were the gentle caresses and the love making that had Kurama feeling like a puddle of emotion. Sometimes he used spirit energy to pleasure his body and make him cum, others he’d use demon energy and drive him mad with lust.

One thing was for sure Yusuke loved him and Kurama would never forget that feeling he felt when Yusuke looked at him his eyes full of love.

Their time together was nice so when Hiei arrived talking about a job it annoyed Yusuke a bit. “Is that really what you want, to steal these items, or would you rather I go save your sister right now.”

Yusuke’s comment shocked Hiei, and he did his best to glare at the demon. Hiei didn’t believe Yusuke could help him in finding his sister let alone save her, but the fact he knew had him on edge. Yusuke decided to help Hiei with no strings attached, though Kurama knew there would be consequences for his actions.

The young demon had a variety of techniques one being his favorite, by applying demon energy to a few strands of his hair he can create powerful demon wolves, these wolves could pass through the gate very easily which is how Yusuke acquired the herb for Kurama’s mother. They also had very powerful tracking skills. They scattered and searched for Yukina, the wolves found her in a mansion with weird seals keeping her trapped.

Yusuke went to the mansion and went wild. He killed apparitions and knocked humans out, the Taguro Brothers were on their way to the mansion but they wouldn’t make it in time. The triad stood against Yusuke but they didn’t last long, between Yusuke’s raw strength, his superior senses and his demon and spirit energy the triad didn’t last 5 minutes. Yusuke found Yukina and set her free and helped her escape. She was shocked at the powerful demon and was even more surprised he set her free. “Let’s just say I owed someone a favor, just follow my wolves and they’ll take you to the ice world.”

Yukina thanked him and left with Yusuke’s wolves. Hiei was happy she was alright but now he owed Yusuke a debt. Yusuke just laughed it off and told Hiei to keep out of trouble.

However trouble fell onto Yusuke’s head, since he attacked humans Spirit World had to act. Yusuke went willingly and was sent to the demon world. Kurama went with him not wanting to be separated from his mate, he made his goodbyes as did Yusuke and they left the human world. “But why, helping me cost you both your families.”

Yusuke didn’t answer just chuckled. So Kurama answered. “Because that’s just the kind of guy Yusuke is.” The two were sent to the demon world to live out the rest of their lives. Hiei followed and kept an eye on the two.

Even as the two mated Hiei watched. Hiei found himself very interested in Yusuke both as a fighter and as a potential mate. He didn’t understand why Kurama would submit, he found his own desire seeking to mate with Yusuke. He would dream and see them together and he found himself replacing Kurama’s image with his own, and the thought of Yusuke topping him had him so aroused he woke up with a cum soaked fundoshi.

To appease his dominant mind he challenged Yusuke to a mating battle. Hiei was pushed till he transformed and still was not able to beat Yusuke. Yusuke beat Hiei and a few days later they were mated. Kurama was more than willing to share and it was even fun having Hiei as a bed mate. Hiei was new to the submissive thing but Yusuke went slow with him, it wasn’t long before Hiei was enjoying being taken by Yusuke. By far the cutest thing ever was to see Hiei cuddled up to Yusuke after an intense mating, not that Hiei would ever let anyone call him cute.

They now needed to find a home. Yusuke came across Maze Castle. “This looks like a fun place.” Yusuke and his two demon mates headed towards the massive castle.

To be continued

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