King of the Saint Beasts

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Chap 3 Bed Play

The bedroom of Suzaku was actually fine, the floor was stone but there was a large luxurious bed up against the wall, right between two windows. There were four windows, each pointing to the north south west and east.

Yusuke was pleased with the room, as were his mates, Kurama and Hiei. The bed was big enough for them all, even adding Suzaku and Byakko. The sheets were red and black and softer than silk. Byakko and Suzaku watched as Kurama and Hiei stripped off their clothing and got into the bed.

Kurama was poised and beautiful, his skin was flawless, his hard cock standing proudly already leaking pre like fresh dew. Hiei looked ready to pounce his chiseled body ready and waiting, his hard dick was twitching angrily, his nipples were already hard and perky. These two alone could make lesser demons faint from their sexiness.

Then Yusuke stripped, his gorgeous demon body exposed to the room. Having already tasted him the other two demons shuddered with desire as they eyed him up and down. Yusuke sensed their arousal and smirked.

Suzaku and Byakko had proven some of their worth with him, having licked his feet and did a damn good job of it. They would be marked later but his current mates needed attention. He moved to Kurama first, the male was shaking in anticipation, Hiei watched in interest.

He pulled the red head close, their hard cocks pressing against each other. With his hands he reached back to grip the fox demon’s firm and delectable rear. Squeezing his cheeks, he made Kurama moan and buck against his lover, their cocks dancing with delicious friction. Yusuke kissed him, swallowing his moans and pleas for more.

“Ah…Yusuke…ah… need…you!” he said between kisses. Yusuke trailed kisses from his lips down to his neck, he latched onto their mating mark and sucked that spot hard. “Ohhhhh!” his eyes fluttered as pleasure radiated through him.

The fox demon writhed in pleasure, he clung to Yusuke and humped against him. Hiei watched and felt their pleasure through his Jagan eye. He didn’t even need to touch his cock, the pleasure they were feeling had his cock twitching happily. He leaned back to spy on the fox’s back side, his hungry hole was twitching.

It was impossible for demon mates to hurt each other, Yusuke could fill them both up without prep and their bodies would always relax perfectly for their alpha. Still Yusuke loved playing with their holes before they did it. Brining two digits down he applied some spirit energy to caress his entrance.

Kurama mewled seeking to have his hole filled, he tried backing into those fingers and take them but Yusuke pulled his fingers back. Worse than that, he pulled his dick away at the same time so the fox was torn between seeking friction or filling.

He didn’t have to wait long as Yusuke moved down to his cock, licking his heated flesh. “Yusuke!”

“I love it when you moan my name fox!” the boy says, letting his hot breath tease him some more. He brings his fingers back, and as he pushes them inside he consumes the sexy fox demon’s cock.

“Yusuke!!” he howls, his hands weaving them in Yusuke’s locks. As the boy bobs his head he works his fingers in and out of him. “Ah Yusuke gonna cum!” he cries, Yusuke had teased him, working his ass and cock at once, sucking his hard and hot dick, while those fingers charged with spirit energy thrust faster and faster.

Yusuke curled his fingers, striking his sweet spot. “Cumming!” he howled as he shot his load into the boy’s mouth. The new king of the saint beasts pulled back lapping at his slit, making sure not a drop go to waste.

Kurama fell back, panting heavily. He looked over and saw Hiei gripping his cock tightly; no doubt trying to control his release after seeing and feeling Kurama’s orgasm. Yusuke wasn’t done with his fox yet, he rolled him over and the fox barely had time to get on his hands and knees before he felt Yusuke’s hard cock press against his ass.

He looked back to meet Yusuke’s lustful gaze. With a shudder he sank back and impaled himself half way on his alpha’s rod, the male thrust in the rest of the way. “Ah yes!”

“Always so tight my kinky fox!” he playfully smacked Kurama’s ass, earning an extra cry of pleasure. His insides clamped onto his thick dick, and Yusuke took that moment to pull back. Once only his head was inside he thrust back in, both of them moaning. He picked up his pace giving long hard thrusts into his fox.

“Yes oh yes faster give it to me!” he cried, he fisted the sheets and began meeting Yusuke’s thrusts. His hard cock bobbed with every thrust, Yusuke wouldn’t touch him either he’d make Kurama cum by fucking his ass.

Soon the room was filled with the scent of roses, Kurama’s arousal musk always smelled like that. Byakko was drooling not waiting anymore he whipped his cock out and began beating his thick meat. Suzaku was also painfully hard but he was showing more restraint.

Yusuke covered Kurama’s body with his own, thrusting deeper and faster inside him, his cock bumping his sweet spot. The male’s hands came around to tease Kurama’s nipples, giving them a pinch with every thrust.

“Ah Yu…ah…fuck!”

“Such language, you really let your hair down in the bed room.” He leaned down to the fox male’s ear. “I like it!” he purred and a shudder raced down the red head’s spine.

Kurama came, long white spurts fired out of his cock splashing onto their new sheets christening them. His clenching heat brought Yusuke to release, his own thick load flooded Kurama’s body. “Oh yeah!” he moaned giving a few more thrusts, fucking his cum deep and causing it to spill out around his dick.

Yusuke pulled his still hard dick free of Kurama’s spent body. He looked to Hiei who was giving the cutest blush, he was a man of great control but feeling and see them he couldn’t hold back. With his Jagan eye he could see Kurama’s cum filled hole getting fucked from the inside. Who could blame him for cumming?

Hiei had cum paining his chiseled body with cum, even still he was still rock hard and twitching. Yusuke didn’t care, he grabbed Hiei’s leg and hauled him over to him. The three eyed demon’s blush deepened and his cock twitched approvingly as Yusuke growled with possessive and lustful intentions. “Such a yummy treat, I just love licking off the frosting.” He leaned down and began licking the cum off Hiei’s pecs.

Kurama lay basking in the after glow, he couldn’t help the smile on his face, which grew to a smirk as he watched the other two saint beasts try not to pass out from what was before them. They probably didn’t realize it but Yusuke gave off a mix of spirit and demon energy when he came with his mates. He could feel it even now, it made him all tingly inside and out. Once Yusuke took them to they would never be able to escape him not that they would want to.

The smaller demon’s hands were held above his head, exposing his pits. Yusuke took his time running his tongue over the boy’s pecs, lapping up his creamy seed. “So yummy!” Hiei said nothing, he kept his mouth shut trying not to make a sound.

Yusuke flicked his perky nipple with his tongue, swirling his wet muscle over the hard nub. “Ah!” the tri eyed male gasped, he closed his eyes but nothing could prepare him or stop his alpha from devouring him. He latched onto Hiei’s nipple with his mouth sucking on his pert nub and tearing more moans from the boy.

He hated having such sensitive nipples, with all his training to have such a weakness for him it was embarrassing. Yusuke’s free hand came up to flick his other nipple, teasing, flicking applying some spirit energy to really make Hiei lose it. “Ah fuck stop teasing me and fuck me!”

Hiei opened his eyes, but he could already see the answer in Yusuke’s mind, he knew everything the boy was gonna do, every touch lick kiss and touch he saw it coming but the pleasure overrode and made any attempt at trying to control himself useless.

“No,” he said pulling off his nipple. “I love your warrior’s scent Hiei it really is a turn on.” He leaned down into his pit and inhaled his musk, his tongue sneaking out to lick his sensitive flesh.

“Ah, stop that!” he snapped. Yusuke smirked at him, he knew Hiei loved what he did, but it wasn’t in his nature to submit completely, he enjoyed driving him mad. Yusuke took a moment to lick his pits going from left to right.

Hiei moaned and bucked up against Yusuke. “So tasty oh so tasty.” He licked from one pit, across his pecs, to the other, stopping to give a nip on his nipples. He felt Hiei’s body temp increase, the smaller male’s hands clung to his.

Yusuke continued down licking over the boy’s abs, teasing his navel, every lick made his body twitch. His hand left the demon’s nipple going down to tease his hole.

Hiei moaned, for him this was paradise, he was blanketed by his alpha’s musk and warmth, but he was fully aware the other two beasts were watching, and it had him on edge. The king understood Hiei well and released the male’s hands, allowing him to grab onto Yusuke, using his body as a shield, though more of a symbol as one.

He clawed at Yusuke’s back, while burying his nose in the male’s neck taking in his musk. He was more than ready and Yusuke removed his fingers and positioned his aching cock, the fire demon wrapped his strong legs around Yusuke’s waist as his huge cock entered him. He hummed in pleasure as the friction heat filled his being. Not even Kurama could see the blissful expression on his face.

Yusuke felt Hiei’s cock pulse against his abs and began to move, letting his rock hard abs run over his cock, while his own dick plundered Hiei’s heat. Every thrust stirred more pleased moans from the male. “Hiei you are so hot and tight, does it feel good?”

“Don’t ask stupid questions baka!” he snapped. As the fucking carried on Hiei’s heat radiated off him in waves. Byakko rather enjoyed it, while Kurama and Suzaku shivered as the heat licked across their bodies. Suzaku could no longer hold back he began playing with his nipples as his cock throbbed in need.

When Hiei finally came he shot his load all over Yusuke’s pecs and abs. His toes curled from the pleasure, as his insides clamped down onto his dick. Yusuke moaned as he thrust into Hiei’s amazing heat. He surrendered to his body and came, flooding his body with seed. “Ahh ohh!” Hiei arched his back as he had an additional orgasm on top, firing the last few spurts he had saved up. The spirit and demon energy flowing through him had him so blissed out he passed out.

The little fire demon’s legs and arms were wrapped tightly around him. Yusuke pet him and moved up to look at the other saint beasts. “Looks like you two enjoyed the show.” He wasn’t kidding both Byakko and Suzaku came; the furry beast shot all over the floor while Suzaku shot all over his body. “Knowing Hiei he won’t let me go for the rest of the night, but I see you two as worthy mates. If you would have me as your alpha I will come claim you tomorrow.”

Byakko smiled happily. “Yes Yusuke-sama!”

Suzaku blushed, and felt his member harden again. He’d already sampled Yusuke’s cock once as a sign of dominance, but no he’s seen what he does with his mates and he wanted it. He nodded his head. “I will use this room, good night.” Yusuke lay back in the sheets, rubbing Hiei’s back as he was still lodged deep inside. Kurama slinked over and cuddled up to Yusuke.

The two naked beasts left the room. “Master Suzaku you can’t let that lower beast have his way.” The ice dragon snapped. The stone turtle appeared from the floor.

“He is a danger to our plans for freedom.”

“No he’s not, do not let your pride blind you, Yusuke-sama will free us.”

“Yusuke-sama? Lord Suzaku do not fall for that mongrel!” in a flash the ice dragon was pinned to the wall by his throat, sparks flying through the hall.

“Watch your tongue, or I will rip it out.” The stone turtle rushed at Suzaku only to be knocked back by Byakko.

“Know your place!” he growled, and the rock creature slinked away with his tail between his legs. Suzaku dropped the ice dragon and walked off to find a room to sleep for the night. Byakko returned to his own room.

The ice dragon hated this but for now he had to bide his time.

Back in the room…

Kurama sighed. “They sure are noisy, the rock turtle and the ice dragon will be a problem.”

“Don’t worry Kurama, you could crush both of them easily, let alone Hiei.” He said proudly. “A nice soft bed for us to cuddle together, it’s been awhile since we could just lay back and fuck.”

Kurama chuckled. “Yes, it’s been awhile since you fucked Hiei to hibernate, but you know Hiei got to cum three times.” He gave a fake pout, Yusuke kissed him.

“I know, I’ll make it up to you after some rest.” He says after the kiss broke. “Ok?”

“Yes,” he purred snuggling up to him more, he wrapped his legs around Yusuke’s. Giving a kiss to both Hiei and Kurama and the trio went to sleep. Their scents filled their dreams with bliss and wonder, they would awaken in the morning happily refreshed.

To be continued

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