Seducing Yusuke

BY : Shadowfox13
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Disclaimer: Yu Yu Hakusho belongs to Togashi-san and whomever he works with. I merely borrow his wonderful creation to create fan fiction and gain no profit.


  Disclaimer:  Yu Yu Hakusho belongs to Togashi-san and whomever he works with.  I merely borrow his wonderful creation to create fanfiction and gain no profit.


Type:  Alternate Universe and M/M/M relationships and possible M/M/M/F or mentions of it.  Actually this one is going to be, primarily,  a triangle with Kurama/Yusuke/Hiei and graphic sex (ok, eventually, since the story is just developing)  If this bothers anyone, don't read.  What else?  Oh yes, constructive feedback is always welcomed and flamers I'll just throw to the mercy of my mother's relatives.  If you don't think that's a warning, I feel sorry for you. What else?  Oh yes, very much unbetaed (as all my stuff is since I don't have a beta, nor do I write regularly enough to warrant one.)  I will try to correct anything I catch or someone is polite and kind enough to point out.  If it's a spelling error I didn't catch, just tell me which word and where.

This symbol:   *******   will be used to denote changes in scene - I've decided it's better to give the chapters different pages instead.

Author:  Carol D aka Shadowfox13




                                                            Seducing Yusuke




Youko Kurama cuddled against Hiei as the little fire demon purred contentedly.  "Ok, you win this round, I think we should make the next challenge more interesting." 

Kurama murmured, absently caressing Hiei's back as they lay entwined "So, what are the stakes this time?"  .

Hiei opened one eye thoughtfully, "Hn...human."  He decided. 

Kurama stopped caressing to look down at his beloved, "Someone we know?"  He asked curiously.  Hiei smiled knowing just how curious his fox spirit could be as he nodded, waiting for the oncoming guess.  Youko closed his eyes, thinking before he spoke. "There relatively few humans we know well enough.  The last one was Shizuru," Kurama smirked at that remembering that had been after the Bui seduction, "Genkai would probably just laugh us to death, and you'd never touch Kuwabera since Yukina seems to be quite attached to him," he continued. 

Hiei gave a half-hearted grumble to this. "The baka wouldn't even notice anyone trying to seduce him!"  

Kurama raised a brow and continued his vocal train of thought, "As much as I respect Keiko, I doubt she'd find any interest in our games, too practical and I doubt she understands the demon cultures of the Makai, which  leaves a certain young Toushin lord by the name of Yusuke as the challenge."  Kurama proclaimed smugly. 

Hiei's mouth curved into a slight smile.  “You think so?” 

Kurama chuckled at Hiei's smug coyness stretching luxuriously against the smaller creature.  “Well, he’d definitely be a challenge.”  Kurama encouragingly hinted, liking the idea as he turned it over in his mind. 

Hiei chuckled, "Well, that’s if we can get him to stop thinking entirely like a human, which is going to be part of the challenge.  He is after all a young demon now with our lifespan.  I don't think either he or Keiko have quite realized that yet or aren't facing it." 

Kurama sighed, "Well, he was human to begin with, love.  Just because he's gone through a transformation does not mean he will stop being who he is.  Yusuke is…unique.  Even before his transformation he was unique, but now,  he must learn to walk in two worlds."   He remained thoughtful, "It isn't that he doesn't adapt well, Hiei, because he has proven time and again that he more than excels in that area to the point of instinct, and it isn't that he isn't intelligent, despite how he may present himself, but he is young by demon standards and not the most patient.  He will learn in time."

Hiei snorted, shaking his head.  "I know that, but think Kurama, his friendships here are deep ties.  Genkai, his teacher and mentor is already old and already toward the end of her life and he may not think of that but when she does die, it will be expected, but what of those who are of his generation?  Yes he has grown up here and even gained some friendships, but, he will out live all of them.  They will age in the normal human pace and he will remain young for a very long time by demon standards."


Kurama stared at his lover, eyes narrowing.  "There's more to it, isn't there?"  He asked, suspecting the turn in which Hiei's thoughts could be turning. 


Hiei shrugged.  "He will need demon allies in the Makai that he can, for want of a better term, 'trust'.  He has proven himself worthy in his strength and his honor. Most of the nobility of the demon clans start this process from birth.  Even the non-nobility, to a lesser extent, do this as well.  Our people still arrange their children's' marriages and ties starting the bonds young."


The fox spirit gazed admiring the fire demon's strategy – one truly worthy enough to have come from a kitsune.  "Well, someone's been thinking about this quite a bit.  It almost echoes my own.  How long have you been thinking on this?"  Kurama asked, having thought about this since the defeat of Sensui. 


Hiei's mouth curved into a slight smile.  "Not too long after he killed Sensui," he admitted.


Kurama chuckled, "I guess great minds think alike, that's about how long It's been on my mind as well."


The both sat up, Hiei playing with Kurama's silvery hair.  It wasn't often the fox let himself into this form - One that was becoming more and more prominent even in his human form.  The red hair was beginning to show silver intermingled, though his human form was still young, only twenty-two if Hiei recalled.  Kurama had wondered about that and asked Koenma.  It was a revelation that as he got older, his spirit form would merge with his physical form until he physically became Yoko Kurama once more due to the unique way he'd been reborn with his prior self fully intact.  Until then, he'd be able to switch back and forth between Shuichi and Kurama.  Or rather the different Shuichi stages and full Yoko form.  It would take another five or ten years at the most to complete the transition.   Changes were in the air all over the place.  He'd have to tell his family soon.  It would probably easier now that the barrier was down and those of the demon plane now regularly interacted with the human world.


Kurama caught Hiei's free hand in both of his.  "Hiei, the bond we share, it is the rarest of all relationship our kind have.  We already have a fairly deep connection to Yusuke as well.  If we take him, that may more than deepen the bond, strengthening the connection between our souls.  It wouldn't be right to do that without telling him about that at least."


Hiei nodded as he brought his other hand over to rest on top of the red head's "I would never do something without giving full knowledge of consequences Kurama, you know that.  It isn't honorable for a warrior."  He said.


The looked at each other in companionable silence as they snuggled, each lost temporarily in thought about the challenge ahead.  Kurama absently petted his lover's body, swirling his hand around each aureole, causing the nipples to pucker.  "Kurama, if you don't stop with the distracting, forming any kind of plan is going to be difficult."  Hiei muttered his voice husky and deep. 


Kurama sighed.  "Very well, I suppose you are correct, we do need to think this out.  Yusuke isn't as dumb as he acts and while impulsive, he has his own brand of honor.  I also think we need to be sensitive toward the fact that Keiko and Yusuke have known each other from childhood.  That intensifies the human love bond they currently have.  As one of our friends I also do not want to see her hurt either. "  

He paused a moment, head slightly tilted as he came to a decision, " We may need to include her in the challenge after all."


Hiei noted the admiration that crept into Kurama's voice as he made that observation about Yusuke and nodded, in agreement over the human female, who was for an ordinary one, with honor herself and a respectable inner strength. 

"They are both young and have changed in many different ways since they've grown.  Even if she does mate – no, wait, they say marry? – with him, She'll have to adapt too.  As intelligent as she is, surely she must see that.  So, Fox, where do we start?"


Kurama, sighed, "This isn't going to be much of a bet since we're on the same thought wave, but this is serious business. I suggest we work on this as a mutual project instead of a bet to begin with and lay the ground work with some fun education first."


Hiei nodded, "Agreed.  None of the humans who interact with demons, with the possible exception of Master Genkai, knows much about us as a society or culture and if the fool insists on mooning over my sister, he's going to need a lot of help too.  We should include all of them if possible."


Kurama chuckled, "Well, this should be interesting.  Perhaps we may get Shizuru involved again as well.  I did notice Touya and Jin eyeing her the last time they visited.  As for Atsuko, well, I worry about her for Yusuke's sake.  Her liver may give out sooner than she or Yusuke thinks.  In this case, Yomi might be of help.  It seems to be from her bloodline that Yusuke inherited his demon blood after all, perhaps giving her something else to concentrate on may be beneficial."


Hiei  just smiled.







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