Seducing Yusuke

BY : Shadowfox13
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Disclaimer: Yu Yu Hakusho belongs to Togashi-san and whomever he works with. I merely borrow his wonderful creation to create fan fiction and gain no profit.


Chapter 1



Nothing would please Keiko more than to be in the beautiful warm weather, however, she had a project due in a week and the professor was tough and not easily impressed. Yusuke had matured and despite the judgments of his many detractors, he was quite intelligent.  He'd not been idle while he was away those three years.  Away from the expectations and judgments of human society, he'd bloomed and learned much by his own choice.  As he got older he'd become less impetuous and more thoughtful.

In addition to learning about his ancestor's land, both Kurama and a demon teacher of great patience who also knew a great deal about the human world and modern school requirements privately tutored Yusuke.  It was a long hard road but he did learn.  They had all grown up.  Kuwabara was studying hard to be the best Vet possible.  His sister couldn't be any prouder.  Her thoughts wandered back to Yusuke.  At the moment, he was, most likely unless something came up, at their home cooking dinner – another skill he learned in the wilds of the demon world and one he also seemed to enjoy.  His cooking previously undiscovered talent for food creation was probably why his noodle stand was so popular no doubt.  Her parents, hoping to retire after the wedding, were giving them ownership of the restaurant as well. 

For a guy who started out as a punk kid, he'd turned out to be a very responsible person albeit still somewhat mischievous.  Even on some of his days off,  sometimes he would open up his noodle stand unless he was previously engaged or something important came up.  Even Kuroko and her family stopped by from time to time.  A definite change in attitude from the one formed by her initial impression of Yusuke those few years back. 


Keiko sighed, all this thinking was not getting her school project done.  Perhaps she might have to ask Kurama for some help later.  For now, she started jotting down notes in her notebook for what she would initially need to get it started.

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