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A/N: Hello! This will be my first story here at this site and I'll be posting my collection of NSFW stories based on the YYH series. If you like any of them please let me know!

Chapter 1: Under The Desk

"K-Koenma Sir! I'm sorry to disturb you during your precious break, but Yusuke Urameshi and his…friend, are here to see you," a frightened voice sounded, crackling through the intercom on the Prince's desk. In the background, Koenma could hear the angered, raspy call of Kuwabara, telling the ogre that he had a name too, but Koenma quickly slammed his hand down on the button, and ground out a tight, "Not now, I'm busy!"

"Right Sir, b-but they say it's most urgent and won't leave unt-" The ogre's voice was cut off, and Koenma flopped back into his chair, and let out a loud, unashamed groan. It wasn't often that he got any time away from work when he was in Spirit World, let alone the half hour he now was thoroughly enjoying, but he'd be dammed if he was going to let anyone break him away from this moment. Leaning back in his plush chair, and looking down, Koenma met the curious gaze of Botan's pink eyes, the woman hidden beneath his desk, and nodded his head in confirmation. Dutifully, Botan returned to the task at hand, closing her eyes and taking the head of Koenma's dick between her lips once more, tongue flattening on the underside of his shaft, and pressing forward.

Koenma's head lulled back, and he sighed deeply as Botan worked to take the full length of his cock into her mouth and throat, his hand curling around the base of her ponytail. Her nose pressed momentarily against his pelvis, before Botan pulled back up to the tip, swirling her tongue over the blushed, swollen head, and happily licking up the ample amount of precum seeping from the slit.

"B-Botan, how did you get so good at this?" Koenma groaned, staring down at Botan, as she bobbed enthusiastically over him, focusing solely on his sensitive head. His hand once again curled in her silken hair, and his hips bucked forward against his will, craving for Botan to take him deeper once more. Botan stilled, opening her eyes, to stare straight into Koenma's own, an effect that immediately had Koenma's dick swelling and throbbing between her lips, and she gave him a sly wink. She removed him completely from her mouth, taking hold of him in her soft hands, and stroked him slowly to keep him twitching in her hold.

Smiling up at her boss and current lover, Botan answered, "Practice, silly," before deepthroating the slick cock in her hands once again.

Koenma's eyes nearly rolled back into his head, and he became limp in his seat, as Botan continued to give him the greatest pleasure he'd ever felt in his long life. Botan continued her torturous pleasure, back and forth along the Koenma's hot length, loving the way he throbbed in her mouth, and gasped her name in pleasure and she knew he wouldn't last much longer. Gripping the arms of his chair tightly, the whites of his knuckles showing through his skin, Koenma ground out, "B-Botan, I'm close!" Botan hummed her approval, the vibrations eliciting another gasp from Koenma; this was always her favorite part of giving a blow job. Taking the head of the Prince's cock between her lips one last time, Botan made to jerk the rest of Koenma's shaft with her hands, when two loud bangs froze her on the spot. Koenma's jolted in his seat, sitting up abruptly, which caused him to pop out of her mouth, and Botan frowned sadly at the throbbing member in front of her face. She'd almost gotten her treat…

"Y-Yusuke! What the heck are you doing!? How dare you interrupt me on my break!?" Koenma cried, scooting his seat in, and leaning over his desk. As he pulled tried to hide himself, he felt the tip of his arousal poke against Botan's lips and he groaned silently, his once rapidly approaching orgasm, now denied. "You didn't have to kick the door into the damn wall!"

"Can it pacifier breath! You've had ugly and I waiting forever, and I already told your ogre secretary that I ain't leaving until I see you!"

"Shut up Urameshi! I'm manly, not ugly!"

"Yeah yeah, whatever Kuwabara," Yusuke countered, before turning his attention onto the angry, sweaty prince, curled over his desk. "Listen here you toddler son of a-," Yusuke paused in his tirade, only just now noticing that Koenma was not in his toddler form. "Listen here you adult looking son of a bitch, what's the deal with having your SDF assholes tailing me wherever I go lately?"

"Yeah! I've even felt them hanging around my house. I don't know what they want, but if your guys are planning something, you better keep away from my snow princess, Yukina and my sister!"

Koenma cursed under his breath, wiping a hand across his sweaty brow. Of course he knew why the SDF were doing what they were, but he did not want to have to sit here and explain it to the two aggravated men, when all he wanted to do was get back to letting Botan suck him off. Koenma made to reply, but all that came out of his throat was a high pitched yelp, as he felt Botan's hot, wet mouth, encase half of his dick once again. Eyes wide, Koenma's jaw dropped, his pacifier bouncing off his desk and onto the floor.

Yusuke and Kuwabara shared a confused look before turning curious eyes to the now flush faced Koenma, sweating profusely and in a rigid state.

"What the hell was that?" Yusuke questioned

Koenma awkwardly cleared his throat, moving his hands beneath his desk to attempt to stop Botan from continuing, but he felt her quickly slap his hands away. "Uh..haha, e-excuse me. Just, ate a bad squid earlier, haha," Koenma replied. Beneath his desk, Botan had redoubled her previous efforts, and Koenma was now fighting off his moans of pleasure in fear of his two allies discovering his current situation.

"Look, I don't care if you're about to shit your pants or not Koenma," Yusuke replied hotly, "But I want answers right now. I already know I can kick their asses, but the last thing I need is Spirit World chasing me around for no reason and getting Keiko involved." Yusuke was now at the foot of Koenma's desk and slammed his hand angrily down on the wooden top. Koenma flailed wildly, causing Yusuke to lean back away from him in confusion, as to not see Botan's head in his lap.

"O-o-one second Yusuke!" Koenma stuttered, quickly leaning to the side, but keeping Botan and himself hidden. Reaching for his fallen pacifier that had rolled under his desk, Koenma made eye contact with Botan, who had pulled back to allow Koenma to move, and mouthed "What are you doing, stop it," at her. Pink eyes, hooded with lust, stared mischievously back at him, and Botan shook her head, holding a finger to her lips, silently telling him to keep silent.

"Hey! Get back up here squirt!"

Koenma gulped nervously, snatching his pacifier up, before wiping it on his robes and biting down hard on it. Botan had immediately begun licking and kissing him again, and it was all that he could stand to not cry out.

"L-look Yusuke. It's nothing against you," Koenma started, before noticing Kuwabara sneer, "Yukina, or yourself, Kuwabara," Koenma corrected quickly. "No one is being huuunted, and guh-god…no one is in trouble."

"Well then, why are your defense guys hounding us so much?"

"L-look, just relax. With the…with the…"

"With the what, god dammit?"

Koenma dropped his face into his hands and groaned, twitching in his seat noticeably. Why did Botan have to be so incredible at this, at the worst times? He just felt her throat tighten around the tip of his dick, he was sure of it.

"Uhh Koenma…are you alright? What's going on with you? You're sweating like crazy."

Koenma lifted his head, eyes hazy and face beet red. Clearing his throat the best he could, rejecting the loud moans he wanted to release, "I-I'm fine. Like I said, my lunch isn't sitting right." Beneath him, her heard Botan's lips begin to smack audibly and Koenma quickly broke into an exaggerated coughing fit, reaching under the desk to paw at Botan's head, but again, she smacked his hand away.

"Alright look; just spit it out already and we'll leave you to blow your toilet up Koenma."

"Fine! The SDF have to follow up on active demons in Human World. They're just keeping surveillance now that the Kakai Barrier is down for good and demons are integrating into the world of the living. You're fine! Yukina's fine! Kuwabara's fine! Everyone's fine except for me! Now get out and let me enjoy my blo- my break!" Koenma hollered, pounding on his desk.

"See, was that so hard? If it was that simple, you should have just told us right away instead of giving us the run around. C'mon Kuwabara, let's get out of here," Yusuke said, turning away from Koenma and leaving the office. Kuwabara cast a suspicious gaze over at Koenma, panting heavily behind his desk, but shrugged and followed Yusuke out of the office.

"And close the door!"

Koenma watched with bated breath as Kuwabara ran back, slamming the door closed behind him, and as soon as Koenma heard it lock into place, he stood up from behind his desk, dragging Botan out with him, her mouth still firmly connected to his cock, and giggling wickedly.

With his release denied for so long, and Botan eagerly working him toward a powerful orgasm, Koenma could no longer contain himself. Grabbing Botan's head in both hands, Koenma forced her mouth back and forth on his shaft in quick fashion, groaning and growling in pleasure. "Botan, Botan I'm going to cum!" He cried, chanting her name over and over again, which only fueled Botan's passions, her tongue working over time, and groping at his swollen sac. One palm flat against his thighs, Botan pressed Koenma back, keeping only the weeping tip of his cock in her mouth, before grasping him in her free hand and stroking. Looking up at Koenma, her eyes shining with mirth and desire, she relished as his face contorted and the first load of hot, salty fluid sprayed against her tongue.

Koenma gasped sharply as his orgasm finally hit, curling his hips and hands stroking at Botan's hair. Shot after shot of his cum filled Botan's mouth, and he could hear her noisily swallowing down everything he had to give her, her hand giving long, slow strokes to the remainder of his shaft to help aid his release. His body felt light and relaxed as Botan finished him off, releasing his spent member with a pop, and he slumped back down into his chair, breathing heavily.

"Mmm! Yummy!" Botan said, licking her lips and sighing in content. As expected of a Prince, he had a lovely flavor.

Botan rose from her knees, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and giggling softly at the sight of Koenma, laying limp in his chair. She hadn't expected things to escalate like they had, Yusuke and Kuwabara showing up had never even crossed her mind, but it made Koenma's release and torture that much more powerful and enjoyable.

She leaned over, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek and whispered, "I hope you enjoyed your break Koenma Sir," into his ear, before straightening up, and summoning her oar in her out stretched hand. "Sorry to play and run, but I have to meet up with the girls soon! Don't work too hard Sir!"

Koenma lazily watched her go, still trying to catch his breath and unable to get a word of thanks out to Botan for the incredible half hour. Pants hanging open and halfway down his thighs, sweaty, and too physically exhausted at the moment to even move, Koenma didn't even notice when his office door opened and George crept in, taking all of three steps in before the ogre let out a horrified scream.

"K-Koenma sir!? What in the blazes!?"

"Gaaah! Ogre! Get out right now! One thousand spankings for you immediately!" Koenma screamed trying to pull his clothes back on and retain his dignity.

"Koenma Sir, that's not faaaaaaaaaaaaair!"

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