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Kuwabara sighed heavily, his nerves getting the better of him. The start of the second Demon World Tournament was only a few hours, and he was partaking in the challenge. Not that he wanted to potentially rule over Demon World, no, but after seeing how much Kurama, Yusuke, and even Hiei had grown after the first competition, Kuwabara wanted to test himself against this world's bests. He knew he had no shot of winning, especially when confronted with Upper S Class demons, but he still had to try; it was the manly and honorable thing to do. He wiped the sweat from his brow as he paced around the tournament arena once again. Luckily he wasn't meant to face any of his friends or former opponents from the Dark Tournament in the preliminaries, but he was warned that there were a couple of tough cookies in his grouping that he'd have to watch out for.

He continued making his way around the arena, silently watching over the competition, when a flash of sky blue, pink, and mint-green flashed on the outskirts of his vision, a shocking contrast from the red sky and gray arena. Kuwabara's heart swelled momentarily, thinking that his lovely Yukina had come to support him and turned toward the seating arrangements excitedly, trying to get a better look. He soon deflated when he realized that, no it was not his precious snow princess, but it was just two women, and they seemed to be arguing animatedly with each other, away from the other spectators.

Disappointed that it wasn't Yukina, Kuwabara made to continue his fourth lap around the arena, when a sudden cry from one of the arguing women drew his attention again. He knew that voice! Squinting against the harsh red lighting of demon world, Kuwabara finally identified the owner of the voice; it was Botan! How could he miss her with that gaudy pink kimono she was always wearing. She had her hands pressed against her chest, growling angrily at the woman she was talking too. The other woman, clearly a demon, with a long tail and brown skin, was poking at Botan's breast and looking haughty. Whatever was going on, he felt that Botan, being a denizen of Spirit World, may be in danger, having been found out by a demon who she truly was. He had to step in right now! Running over to the two women, he was able to just catch the tail end of their conversation.

"-and mine are far superior to your tiny tits."

Kuwabara's foot caught on a rock and he stumbled forward, crashing into the dusty ground and sliding forward, coming to a stop at the feet of both women, who stared down at him in confusion. He groaned pitifully before crawling to his feet. He must have misheard them.

"Uhh…hey Botan. W-what's going on over here?" Botan still had her hands clamped over her chest, and Kuwabara was having a difficult time not staring at her.

Botan's face was red in embarrassment and anger, and she looked startled to see him. "K-Kuwabara? What are you doing here!?"

"I should be asking you that," Kuwabara replied quietly, dusting himself off and leaning in closer to whisper, "Aren't you suppose to be with Koenma and that ogre? Don't you know it's dangerous for you to be walking around here with all of these demons around?"

Botan made to respond when the woman she had been arguing with, stepped forward once more, crowding Kuwabara's personal space, poking her finger into his face. "Hey, don't interrupt us Mister, we were having an important discussion."

"No we were not! You're just harassing me over something inane and unimportant," Botan countered, jumping between them and stomping her foot down, "And I'm just fine Kuwabara, you can go now." Botan hurriedly tried to shoo him away. The demon woman scoffed, cocking her hip out and crossing her arms under her bosom, which made Botan growl again.

"Wait, what are you two fighting about anyway?"

"It's nothing. I said you can go," Botan demanded, spinning Kuwabara around and pushing on his back. Kuwabara's weight and size aside, her progress was halted when the demon woman jumped in front of them, her hand raised to stop them.

"Wait, I know you. You're that human from the Dark Tournament, Kuwabara." she said wisely, and Kuwabara couldn't stop the grin that spread across his face. He knew had to have had a fan after his incredible fights.

"Yes! Yes I am. The Great and Powerful Kuwabara!" Kuwabara said proudly, puffing out his chest. "And hey…aren't you that ring announcer girl. Not the fox one Koto, obviously, but uhh…I think your name was…Jeri?"

"It's Juri." She said, her face darkening slightly.

"Oh yeah, hehe, uhh sorry about that." Kuwabara scratched at the back of his head, smiling nervously. Years of being beaten senseless by his sister taught him when he was about to get in trouble with a woman.

"Who cares what her name is Kuwabara? Just, go and prepare for your match! You have much more important things to be worrying about" Botan scolded.

"Geeze, okay Botan, you don't have to get so mad at me. Always such a nag." Botan's narrowed her eyes at him, and Kuwabara felt another chill run up his spine. Two for two huh? He turned to leave, but was stopped once again.

"Wait!" Juri cried, grabbing onto his arm before he could even get a single step away."Since you're here and all, why don't you help us settle our little argument, considering your blue haired dolt of a friend just won't listen to reason?" She was smiling at him in a way that left him feeling excited, yet terrified at the same time, and Kuwabara gulped nervously. His danger senses were tingling like crazy.

"Uhh…s-sure. What can I do to help?"

"Kuwabara no!"

Juri ignored Botan's plea, "Who do you think has better boobs? Me or her?"'

It took a moment to register what he had just heard, but once it fully sunk in, Kuwabara's face turned beet read, and he could swear steam was shooting out of his ears. D-did she just really ask that? He stared at her in shock, looking between her and Botan, who looked simply mortified, quickly down at Botan's chest, wrapped tightly in her kimono, and back to Juri, who's ample bosom was hidden only behind a pink bow, and then back up at her face. Juri had raised an eyebrow, propping a hand on her hip, and was waiting impatiently for an answer she believed to be painfully simple.

"Hellooooo? Demon world to human. I asked you a question. Who's boobs are better? Mine or your flat friend over here?"

"Grrrrr, I'm not flat you stupid bimbo!" Botan shouted, getting into Juri's face, her anger peaking, "I told you once already, I'm wearing layers, so they just look smaller!"

"Who are you calling a bimbo, you little bitch?" Juri growled back, her nose nearly touching Botan's, in their face to face anger.

"Whoa whoa, ladies calm down," Kuwabara pleaded, trying to break the two feral women apart, gently grabbing Botan's shoulders and pulling her away from Juri. He held his hands up in mercy when Botan turned her furious glare toward him, and she spun on her heel, turning away from them and crossing her arms over her chest in anger once more.

Sighing, Kuwabara turned back to Juri, and she looked up at him expectantly, her fin like ears bouncing and twitching in annoyance. "Well?"

"Ahh umm…I-I couldn't possibly answer that question," Kuwabara stuttered. How could he? Judging just on looks would be too rude a thing to do.

"And why not? Is your brain as damaged as your face?"

"Hey! I can't answer a thing like that because it just isn't right! A real man doesn't judge a woman on the size or shape of her tatas!" He had to ignore his inner voice that was saying that most men did just exactly that. But they weren't real men like him. "Besides, l-looks aren't everything! They have to feel good too!"

Juri's face fell flat at his answer. "Leave it to a human to have to be shown everything," she muttered, palming her forehead. "Fine then. This shouldn't be bothering me this much, but now I'm in the mood to prove Botan, that I'm superior to her," Juri said, spitting out Botan's name distastefully. "Therefore, I challenge you to a competition."

Botan peered over her shoulder, eyes narrowed and jaw clenched tight. She couldn't even remember what had started this stupid, petty argument, but Juri had been throwing the size and weight of her bust into Botan's face, metaphorically of course, and it was beginning to set the ferry girl's teeth on edge. Botan stomped over to Juri, hands on her hip, and eyes ablaze.

"If it'll get you to leave me alone, then fine! What is this challenge you're on about?"

"Since this dunderhead won't give an answer from just looking, you and I will give him a tit fuck until he cums. Whoever boobs he likes more, is the winner!"

Time seemed to stand still. Botan's pink eyes widened, all evidence of anger leaving her face, and she stood in a stunned silence, mouth agape. Kuwabara was like a statue, his body stiff and motionless, a mixture of pure terror and elation etched on his face.

"Deal?" Juri asked, holding her hand out, ready to shake in agreement.

"W-What kind of ludicrous idea is that!?" Botan shouted incredulously," How is doing that going to prove anything?!"

Juri let out an exasperated sigh. "I know your tits are small, but is your brain even tinier? He just said that looks aren't everything. So we have to prove how good our boobs feel, and how we can use them to make him orgasm."

"…You're a bimbo." Botan replied, turning her nose up at Juri.

"Just what I expected from a prude like you. You stink of a virgin, so I'm sure you wouldn't even know how to please even a human like this anyway." Juri said snootily.

"My sexual experience has nothing to do with my decision here! You're just being ridiculous!"

"Yeah, yeah. You just don't want to compete because you know you'll lose. I've become quite proud of my skills as lover in these last six years. You wouldn't have stood a chance anyway." Juri replied, waving Botan off with a dismissive hand wave.

"Ooooh, shut up already you hussy!" Botan shouted, her ponytail whipping around as she flailed her arms and stomped her foot. "Fine then! If that's what you want, deal!" Botan angrily thrust her hand out toward Juri, who smirked confidently, before taking the ferry woman's hand in her own. They both squeezed as hard they could, giving one solid, firm shake, before letting go.

"Wha?!" Kuwabara, finally waking up from his stupor, squeaked out in a high voice. He turned to Botan, his coal grey eyes, widening as she snatched up his arm, "Wha-what?! Botan, you can't be serious! W-what about Yukina?"

"What about Yukina? You're not even dating her yet. Now just shut up and come with us, so I can put this hussy in her place once and for all." Botan demanded, pulling Kuwabara along with her. With the match ups still being decided with lots, the medical facilities in the back of the stadium would be empty, so Botan decided to take their impromptu competition, back that way. Juri followed them briskly.

"H-hold on Botan! Do I even get a say in this?" He was absolutely flabbergasted. He wasn't dreaming was he? Botan, his one time crush, and some cute demon girl he'd only met once before six years ago…were they really going to give him a paizuri? Had he already fought in the tournament, died, and gone to heaven? His cheeks turned pink, and he could feel himself begin to harden, just thinking of what was going to happen.

"What, are you actually going to refuse two women who have decided to use their boobs to get you off? You're not very bright, are you?" Juri countered, eying him over skeptically. He may not be a looker, but he was worlds better than most of the demons hanging around the arena…but his intelligence left much to be desired if he was passing up a tit fuck from two women.

"Hey! I'm plenty smart darn it! This is-"

"Then act like it and shut up," Juri interrupted, "This is between me and her, so just get your dick hard, and we'll take care of the rest. All you have to do is decide the winner!"

Kuwabara shut his mouth, and mumbled incoherently, breaking out into another nervous sweat. He hadn't even kissed Yukina yet…and now he was going to have a sexual encounter with two women at once!?

Marching through the stadium, the three arrived at the medical wing, and as expected, it was completely empty. With the fights having not started yet, even the nurses and doctors weren't hanging around, too enthralled in seeing the potential match-ups. Selecting a room in the far back corner, Botan threw the door open, and shoved Kuwabara inside, who yelped out in protest as he stumbled in. Juri passed by Botan, giving the blue haired woman a condescending smirk, "Ready to lose little girl?" Botan gave a short "Hpmh," and glared in response, following the aquatic demon into the room.

"Alright big boy, take off those pants, and let's get to work," Juri commanded, getting straight to the task at hand.

"Uh-um, o-okay then. If…if you're both okay with this," Kuwabara stuttered. He looked over at Botan, who's face was beginning to turn pink, and she looked unsure of herself suddenly, but when he caught Juri's eager look, he gave in to the demon's command. At least if Botan backed out here and now, he might still get Juri to do it. He reached for his belt, fumbling with the buckle a few time before finally unlatching it, and slipping it off. Taking in a deep breath, Kuwabara steeled his nerves, pulling his zipper down, and slid his pants and underwear down in one smooth motion.

Immediately both Botan and Juri let out a surprised gasp, two sets of wide eyes staring down at his slowly hardening penis. Juri was smiling, obviously enjoying the sight of his equipment and apparent eagerness, but Botan stared up at Kuwabara, stunned, her cheeks and ears now burning red. Her mouth open and closed, trying to form words, but nothing would come out, so she just dropped her eyes back down to he now fully erect mass of flesh, jutting out from Kuwabara's groin. It bounced excitedly, throbbing at the attention it was receiving.

"Whoa. Not bad for a human, I have to admit," Juri complimented, bending at the hip to get a closer look. "Not very long, but its super thick!" She reached out, and wrapped a cool hand around the heated member, and Kuwabara bucked into her touch excitedly. "Like, wow, I can't even get my fingers around it. Tiny tits, you have no chance of getting him between your boobs!

Kuwabara had to prevent himself from hyperventilating. Here we was, in Demon World, with a pretty fish girl's hand wrapped around his dick, and Botan watching. How in the hell did this happen? Did he even care? No, not really, not at this moment.

"Okay big guy, sit down and we'll get started," Juri said, standing up straight and pushing Kuwabara back into a chair. With his pants around his ankles, he stumbled back and fell hard into the cushioned seat behind him. He made to complain, but words failed him as Juri reached up to her breasts, untying the pink bow wrapped around chest and shoulders, the flimsy material falling to the floor. Underneath, she was wearing a leotard of sorts, open wide to show her abdomen, and the barest hint of the underside of her bust, which Kuwabara glued his eyes too. Juri then reached up, to her shoulder, sliding the thin straps down and over her arms, repeating the actions on the opposite shoulder, and slid the thin black material down, over her breasts.

Kuwabara had to bite his lip and use all his intestinal fortitude to not cum just from the sight of Juri's bare breasts spilling forth. Bright pink nipples stood out in comparison to her darker skin, her breasts well rounded and full. Kuwabara was hard pressed not to just declare Juri the winner right then and there, as his hard-on pulsed erratically.

Juri ran her hands over her chest, lifting her bosom slightly before letting them fall back down, creating a nice little bounce. She turned to look at expectantly at Botan, who'd been silent the entire time, smirking at Botan's embarrassed and frustrated expression.

"Your turn Botan. Let's see what you've got."

It was Kuwabara that began to look really nervous however. Once, long ago, Botan was the love of his life, and he'd spent many a night in his bed thinking about what she would look like naked and the things he'd like to do to her. Now, six years later, not only was he going to see her tits, she was going to wrap them around his dick and try to make him orgasm. Kuwabara didn't think he could get any more erect.

"F-Fine," Botan lamented, reaching for her obi. She couldn't believe it had even come to this, but she had accepted Juri's competition, and there was no way she could back out now. Especially not after the bold display she had made, and dragging Kuwabara all the way here. It's not like she was a virgin, like Juri was claiming. She thoroughly enjoyed sex with the few partners she'd had, but it was still an awkward moment, giving a titjob to one of her friends. Shaking hands untied her outfit, shedding first her obi, and then her outer pink kimono, leaving Botan standing in only a thin white robe that she wore underneath.

Sighing deeply, Botan untied the sash, and opened the robe, letting it slide off her shoulders to the ground, pooling at her feet, and Kuwabara felt suddenly faint. Botan had not been wearing anything underneath her many layers! The one time love of his life was standing completely naked in front of him, with the exception of her socks and sandals!

"Holy shit Botan!" Kuwabara exclaimed getting his first good look at her. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined Botan to look that good. Exactly like she had claimed when he first walked in on their argument, Botan's breasts were certainly not small, but hidden beneath her bulky clothing. Now that he thought about it, Botan had always worn clothes that hid her figure, but never did he expect this. Like Juri, Botan's nipples were pink, and had already hardened once exposed to the cool air of the medical wing. Though not as overall large as Juri's, Botan's had a perfect shape and roundness, looking like they would fit perfectly in his hands, without a hint of sag. He could feel the precum begin to dribble down the side of his dick now, excited beyond belief. He had never told anyone, but he loved tits just as much as any other guy, and although he believed Yukina to be perfect in every way, he wished she was a bit more busty.

"Well…color me surprised," Juri said in amazement, "Tiny tits isn't that much smaller than I am. But I still won't lose to you! Go on, give it your best shot."

"Wha? T-This was your idea! You should go first!" Botan countered.

"No way! Why should the better pair go first?' Juri challenged, bouncing on her heel to make her breasts jiggle delightfully

"We'll see about that!" Botan retorted, copying Juri's actions to make her own sizable bust bounce. "Alright I'll go first, we'll both do it until he cums," Botan explained, "After we're both done, he'll pick the winner, and then I can be done with you!"

"Fine with me!"


Botan narrowed her eyes at Juri, sticking her tongue out at the demon woman, before moving to stand in front of Kuwabara. Putting Juri out of her mind for the moment, Botan stared down at Kuwabara's raging erection, then up to his face. He gave her a sheepish smile, face flush, and Botan returned the equally awkward and tense gesture, before kneeling down in between his legs. She took a moment to appreciate just what Kuwabara had in store for her.

Botan's pink eyes were glued to the sight of the throbbing penis mere inches from her face. Like Juri said, it wasn't very long, probably just average length, but Kuwabara's real gift was his girth. A thick vein ran along the underside of the shaft in a spot that she knew would feel just incredible if he were to ever penetrate her, and Botan gave a little shiver at the thought. The head was bulbous and fat, just like the rest of him, and he was surprisingly well groomed. She looked back up at him once more, "Are you ready?"

Kuwabara had to clear his throat, choking back the excited squeak that nearly erupted from his mouth, and instead, nodded vigorously.

"Here we go."

Botan brought one hand to the girthy shaft and wrapped her fingers around the soft flesh. Again, Juri was right; her fingers were no where close to connecting around his shaft. "Wow, poor Yukina…you're going to split her like a log." Botan muttered quietly to herself.

"What was that?" Kuwabara grunted, already feeling the pleasure of Botan's hand.

"Oh nothing!" Botan said smiling and waving her free hand, dismissing his question.

Botan shuffled closer on her knees, resting her forearms on Kuwabara's thighs and bringing her bosom into range. Using her hand, she guided the fat head of Kuwabara's cock along the swell of her breast, and over one of her nipples. Above, Kuwabara sighed pleasantly, and Botan smiled to herself. She continued the action on her other nipple, tickling the head with her hardened buds and soft skin, smearing the copious amounts of precum across her chest. Botan pulled her hand away, scooting closer still, sandwiching the thick cock between her breasts. Again, Kuwabara groaned and his hips bucked mightily into her cleavage.

Tucking her chin, Botan stared down at the weeping head of Kuwabara's dick, the head just barely peaking out from between her breast. Collecting spit in her tongue, Botan pursed her lips and let her saliva slip out, dropping onto the tip of his penis, acting as lube. Squeezing firmly, Botan lifted and dropped her breasts around him, making Kuwabara's cock slick with her spit and precum. He groaned again and thrust gently in timing with Botan's ministrations.

"Guh…Botan, that's feels so good."

Botan grinned up at him, eyes shining, and in that moment, she felt like she could win this contest. Her competitive spirit was on fire! Juri may have a larger bust, but she had spirit and talent! Botan increased her pace, and it wasn't long before Kuwabara was beginning to twist and squirm in her hold.

"B-Botan! I've wanted to be with you for so long," Kuwabara mumbled through his groans, "C-can I take control?" Botan's head snapped up, drawn by his sudden confession, and she smiled brightly. This was her moment! It was a bit naughty of her to use his past feelings for her, but this could put her in a winning position. She let go, freeing the human's throbbing member from the confines of her tits, and stood suddenly. She grabbed at Kuwabara's hand, and pulled him up out of his seat. "Sure thing. Come with me!"

"Now just what do you think you're doing," Juri questioned suspiciously.

Botan cast Juri a snide smile. "Just you watch little girl," Botan said, dragging Kuwabara to a medical bed across the room, a difficult task for Kuwabara, waddling with his pants around his ankles and his cock slapping against his thighs . Juri scowled at Botan's back, doing her best to resist the urge to yank the ferry woman's hair out. Botan hopped up on the bed, laying back and getting comfortable, before patting the bed with her hand.

"Straddle me Kuwabara," Botan commanded, "Fuck my tits like this."

"Okay!" He shouted happily, kicking off his pants and underwear fully. He crawled up on the bed, legs on either side of Botan's waist, and dick bouncing excitedly over her stomach. He leaned forward, placing his hands on the railing above Botan's head, his cock falling into place in between her chest once more. Botan happily squeezed her bust around him once more and Kuwabara began thrusting eagerly into the firm embrace, his balls dragging across her abdomen smoothly. Kuwabara let out another deep groan, sighing at the delicious tightness and staring down at Botan's angelic form. He kept up his vigorous pace for a few minutes before his thrusts began to come harder and more frantic.

"Dammit Botan…you're so beautiful, you feel so good, hah, this is…perfect!" Kuwabara gasped between his moans. He could feel his orgasm building up, his cock beginning to swell even more than it already was. He shuffled up slightly, knees on either side of Botan's rib cage now, and moved his hands over hers, squeezing her breasts tighter around himself. The slickness from his precum and Botan's spit, the softness of her tits and skin, his emotional attachment to the ferry woman coming back in droves, and that fact that he was fucking Botan's tits to an audience quickly rushed Kuwabara over the edge.

"B-Botan! I'm gonna, I'm gonna cum!" He stuttered, his hips jerking erratically. His feverish pumps died down and with one final, desperate thrust, he exploded, his hips curling in ecstasy. The first shot of cum splatted loudly against the underside of Botan's chin, the next one shooting high and splashing across her cheek. Above her, Kuwabara was grunting harshly as multiple, thick ropes of cum splashed against her face, lips, and chest. He pulled back out of her hold gripping his cock in his own hand, and stroking the remainder of his load across the breasts, firing off three more bountiful shots.

"Oh Kuwabara…so much," Botan moaned in amazement, watching as the last dribbles of cum seeped out of his penis.

"Whoa, you must have been really backed up, huh Mister?" Juri said, leaning over and inspecting the massive mess he had just unloaded all over Botan's face and tits. She looked down at Botan, who looked to be in a bit of daze, one eye shut closed shut to keep the cum out, and happily licking the traces of semen away from her lips.

"Y-Yeah…it's been awhile," Kuwabara wheezed. He straightened up, staring down at the mess he had made of Botan, and she smiled up at him confidently.

"Bingo! How was that Kuwabara? A stellar performance if I do say so myself!"

"That was incredible Botan. I already want to do it again," he sighed happily.

"Well that's good news for me then," Juri said, snatching Kuwabara's wrist, and tugging him off of Botan. He lost his balance, almost falling off the bed, but his long legs caught him just in time. "Now I don't have to wait an hour for round two. You're already impressing me for a human!" She pressed his hips back against the edge of the bed that Botan was still laying on, ordering him to stay still. Leaning over Botan's prone form, Juri swiped a hand over Botan's drenched chest, collecting up a large helping of cum in her palm and smearing in between her ample bosom.

"What are you doing!?" Botan yelped, crossing her hands over her chest. She may have just been tit fucked and cummed on by her friend, but she had never agreed to being groped by Juri.

"Lubing up," Juri said simply, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. It would only last for a short time, but Juri was confident she could make Kuwabara cum much harder and faster that Botan had. Once she was lathered up, Juri sank to her knees in front of Kuwabara, taking his still hardened cock in her hands and spit over him, jerking him off momentarily to lube him up. Still sensitive from his powerful orgasm, Kuwabara had to grip the edge of the bed as his knees wobbled at her touch

"W-wait just a second. I'm still sensitive." he begged. His plea fell on deaf ears.

"Mmm, then now is the perfect time," Juri purred, pulling her hand away and stretching up so her breasts were level with his cock. Without another word, Juri squeezed her tits around him, her larger breasts completely encompassing him, unlike with Botan. Kuwabara's head lulled back, and he let out a raspy groan as the slick, hot feeling of spit, cum, and breasts.

"Oh yeah, just look at that thick cock disappear between by big tits," Juri cooed, grinding up and down. Kuwabara throbbed wildly, his excitement getting the better of him, and he bucked his hips hard, the tip of his penis bumping against the underside of her chin.

"Oh, did that excite you big boy?" Juri continued in a teasing tone, as he bucked again. "Botan wasn't nearly enough to satisfy you, was she? That's okay, I'll take real goooood care of your friend here. These perfect ladies of mine have never let my lovers down.

Dirty talk!? Kuwabara's eyes almost rolled back into his head. He had never expected to hear a woman talk to him like that. Juri squeezed firmly down his length,putting pressure on the head and slowly descending, and this time his eyes did roll back. Her tits were so soft, her skin felt unnaturally silky and smooth, and Kuwabara had to briefly wonder if it was because of her physiology. She seemed to be some kind of aquatic based demon…was her skin just naturally more smooth and soft?! It felt like heaven either way.

Juri looked up at him, smiling and maintaining eye contact as she worked her tits over him slowly and firmly at first.

"How does it feel big guy? Better than Botan?"

"I…I dunno," Kuwabara grunted, "But it feels so amazing!"

"Hmm..then how about this?" Juri prompted. She grabbed at his legs, pulling them out from under him, and Kuwabara flopped back on the bed, Botan having to pull her own legs back to keep from getting squashed beneath his weight.

"Whoa! Hey!" Kuwabara cried, falling back onto the bed hard. These women were just manhandling him like crazy today. He kind of liked it actually.

"H-Hey! Watch it!" Botan shouted, shaking her fist at Juri.

"Just shut up and watch how a real woman works," Juri taunted, standing up and climbing in between Kuwabara's legs. "I'll make him cum, and I'll do the work myself, unlike you." Botan gasped indignantly, but Juri ignored her, swooping in to capture Kuwabara between her tits once more. He was laid back across the bed, his situation somewhat reversed than when he was with Botan, and Juri was now laying in between his legs, rubbing and grinding her chest over his erection. While Botan had kept a solid, even pace, Juri was all over the place, changing up the speed of her thrusts sporadically, keeping him guessing. Just when Kuwabara thought he was going to be quickly driven over the edge, Juri slowed her to an almost frustratingly slow rhythm that had him hissing and squirming in her hold.

"Haah, Juri!" Kuwabara moaned out, clenching his fists in the bed sheets and staring down at the woman. She was now teasing the slit of his cock with her hardened peaks, taking a page out of Botan's playbook, and he just couldn't tear his eyes away. Kuwabara could feel his balls begin to tighten up, a sure sign he was getting ready to cum again. Juri seemed to be able to tell.

"Oh my, getting ready too cum? Then let me have it," Juri ordered, fully enveloping the girthy dick once again, "Cum in between my tits!"

Kuwabara's hips lifted off the mattress, the head of his cock peaking up through Juri's bust, and he tossed his head back, howling "Cumming!" in absolute rapture. His second orgasm had hit, and hit hard at that! A shot of cum soared threw the air, flying up past Juri's face, and lading in her mint-green locks. The second blast splattered on Juri's chest, and the next weaker blasts landed on the swell of Juri's bust, the thick pearly fluid standing out brilliantly against her dark skin. Juri sighed happily and continued stroking Kuwabara's cumming cock, wanting to make sure to give the human as much pleasure during his orgasm as possible, and ensure her victory.

Once Kuwabara's orgasm was complete, Juri pulled back, standing up and admiring the handy work Kuwabara had decorated her with. Locking eyes with him, Juri brought her hands to her chest, and began to rub the semen into her skin, the fluid leaving a warm and tingly feeling over her skin. Kuwabara's jaw dropped in shock at the woman's bold display.

"A job well done," Juri stated proudly," Thanks for the tip, Mister Kuwabara."

Juri turned to Botan, a smug smile splayed about her face. "And as for you, Botan, I hope you humbly accept your loss to me!"

"Don't get ahead of yourself missy!" Botan countered, climbing down from the bed, and stepping forward to meet Juri face to face, "Kuwabara hasn't decided the winner yet!" Both women turned toward Kuwabara, looking at him expectantly.

He was still laid out on the bed they had left him on, the lower half of his body dangling limply over one side, and his once hardened penis, quickly deflating after discharging two massive loads. He lifted his head and the sight that awaited him, almost had him fainting. Juri and Botan, side by side, staring at him, painted in his cum. It was almost enough to make him hard again. Almost. He'd have to build up his stamina in that department.

"Well Kuwabara, what do you think?" Botan questioned, lifting an eyebrow at him, hands on her naked hips, "Which of us gave you the better titty wank?"

And suddenly it was chilly in the room, his ability to sense danger coming, proving to be incredibly unnerving right now. He looked between the two women, both once so eager in fighting with each other, both now waiting for his answer, which would assuredly piss someone off.

"Err…haha…well I'm guessing you both wouldn't settle for a tie, would you?" He asked, scratching at the back of his head.

"No way!" Both women cried, turning their sharp glares at one another.

"O-Okay then…well…if I have to choose then I say…Juri!" Kuwabara said meekly, pointing at the demon woman.

"What!?" Botan screeched, looming over Kuwabara, both fists raised. Kuwabara raised his hands defensively as Botan glared down at him

"Ha! Told you so. There's no way you could beat me in a competition of breasts!" Juri bragged, grabbing her chest proudly. Botan snapped her attention to Juri, pointing an accusing finger at her. Oooh, she just hated to lose!

"This wasn't a fair competition! Juri challenged me when she thought I had a small chest. She knew she had the advantage the entire time. I find that very cowardly!"

"What was that you little wench?" Juri countered, growing feral, and getting into Botan's face. Botan did not back down.

"You heard me. You've been bragging that titty fucking is your specialty this whole time! If you really want to prove you're better than me, then you'll take me on in a rematch with my specialty tomorrow!"

"What a sore loser! Fine then, you're on! Tomorrow, same time, before the tournament starts! I'll just beat you again anyway," Juri replied, accepting the challenge immediately.

"Good," Botan shouted. She spun on her heel, marching over to her clothing and snatching the silken material up, beginning to dress. "You heard her Kuwabara, be here tomorrow at the same time. I'm going to suck the life out of your dick!"

Kuwabara sat in stunned silence. He seemed to be doing that a lot the last hour, but he could hardly believe what was going on here. Not only did he just tit fuck two of the most attractive women he'd ever known, but now they had both decided that they were going to give him blowjobs tomorrow as well.

"Okay!" He shouted happily. Best tournament ever. And he hadn't even fought yet! Though physically drained for the moment, he felt his energy sky rocketing! The power of love was a truly amazing thing.

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