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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho, it's characters, nor do I make money from this work of fiction! Yu Yu Hakusho is own by Yoshihiro Togashi

Note: I decided to leave Miyuki like she was in the series, still partway through her transition. We honestly have no idea what her goals were, body wise, so I went with what we knew about her, having breasts, and the looks of a woman, but still having her male genitalia.

"What in the hell was he doing!?"

Kuwabara's heart hammered within his chest, and he hissed in pleasure, before slapping his hand tightly over his mouth to drown out the noise. Terrified, he peeked around the shelving unit he was hiding behind, for the thirtieth time, to ensure that no one else was nearby or had heard him.

He was so going to get fired if he…they…were caught.

Kuwabara gulped nervously and directed his attention downward, where a blast from the past, Miyuki the demon, was kneeling in front of him, blue painted lips wrapped firmly around the head of his cock. She looked up at him, her crimson eyes shimmering, and hummed approvingly at the taste of her meal. Circling her tongue excitedly around the sensitive head, Miyuki pressed forward, taking more of the girthy member into her mouth, and Kuwabara groaned deeply into his hand.

"Holy crap that feels amazing."

This was all happening so fast…but damn if he cared about that right now.

He had only picked up this part-time job earlier in the month, wanting to earn some easy cash while he was away at high school. It was meant to be a simple, boring job of stocking a clothing store's backroom five times a week. Never in his wildest fantasies had he expected to be in the position he was now, stowed away in a dark corner with a beautiful demon sucking him off!

His boss had asked him to carry a box out onto the sales floor, and that's when he had seen her, browsing through a selection of elegant dresses. It had taken him a moment to realize who she was, their encounter in the past having been a brief one, but at the sight of her horn and blue hair, it had clicked. She was the very same woman that Yusuke, Botan, and he had defeated during their mission to rescue Yukina, Miyuki of the Triad! She had recognized him as well, a shocked look first passing over her flawless face, before introducing herself formally, telling Kuwabara that she could never forget a man with such rugged good looks. She had turned over a new leaf after the Triad had disbanded, and now she was trying to live a virtually normal life now that demon kind had begun to migrate into Human World.

The rest of their chance meeting had passed by like a blur.

Kuwabara, flustered from her compliments, had replied that she herself, was pretty, which had flattered the woman greatly. After a few minutes of chit-chat, Kuwabara had helped her pick out a dress that he thought might look good on her and she had modeled it for him, the silken fabric clinging to her in all the right places. His hormones had gotten the better of him, and he stared just a little too long at her, and now here they were!

Positive that he could keep his sounds of pleasure under control, Kuwabara's hand fell away from his mouth, and came to rest atop Miyuki's bobbing head. The added contact only fueled her actions and Miyuki quickened her pace, moaning and humming each time she took him deeper into her throat. After a few passionate, sloppy moments, Miyuki pulled back to admire her handiwork, and smiled proudly at Kuwabara's twitching, spit slick cock.

"Prep work's all done sweetie," Miyuki purred, her fingertips running up the underside of his excited shaft. "Now for the main course."

Kuwabara nodded wordlessly, not trusting his voice to keep steady and Miyuki stood swiftly. Spinning away from the human, Miyuki bent forward at the hip, making sure to give Kuwabara the best possible view of her shapely ass, and reached under her dress, hooking her thumbs around her band of her panties. Dragging the thin material down the full length of her long legs, Miyuki stepped out of the garment. Turning back toward him, she smirked devilishly as Kuwabara audibly gasped at the sight of her, coal black eyes transfixed on the impressive tent sprouting from beneath her dress. Free of it's previous confines, Miyuki's own aching erection now stood proud, and she chuckled softly at his reaction.

"What, don't tell me you forgot this part of me?" Miyuki asked, grasping herself through her dress. "Does it disgust you?"

"N-no," Kuwabara stammered meeting her gaze, "I didn't forget. I just…"

"Just what?" Miyuki asked, taking a step forward. She didn't miss the way Kuwabara's cock bounced in excitement, and she smirked knowingly.

"T-the last time we met…I was curious, after what Urameshi said," he replied nervously, "Curious about your body I mean. I tried to peek, but Botan beat my head in. Now that I get to see you…I'm just…a little surprised."

Miyuki took another step closer, her member barely an inch away from Kuwabara's own. "Oh, is that right? Such a naughty boy," she cooed softly, rubbing her palms up and down his chest.

Kuwabara swallowed thickly once more, staring into her ruby eyes, and nodded his head sheepishly.

"If you're so interested, then let me show you," Miyuki whispered, reaching behind her back to unzip her dress fully. With a little shimmy, the dress slid down her body, and Miyuki pulled the material outward to fall around her arousal, leaving her naked in front of him.

Kuwabara's eyes widened, his breath hitching in his throat at the sight of her naked body. Long blue hair curled around her slim neck and shoulders. Large breasts stared back at him, tipped with hardened pink nipples, that made his mouth water. Her penis, although not nearly as thick as his own, stood long and strong over a set of swollen testicles, pearly fluid beading on the blushed head.

"Wow," Kuwabara muttered quietly, openly staring at Miyuki's form. Definitely worth the five year wait…

"Well, do you like what you see big guy?" Miyuki asked tauntingly, knowing full well the answer to her question.

"Yeah, yeah I do.."

"Good. Then get that thick cock of yours over here and fuck me." Miyuki ordered, hand on her hip, and beckoning him with her index finger.

"R-right!" Kuwabara squeaked, his voice cracking. Miyuki smiled at the cute reaction.

Stepping forward, Kuwabara took Miyuki into his arms, pressing himself against her. Both sighed pleasantly at their shafts rubbed against one another, sharing each other's warmth, and Kuwabara placed a soft, tentative kiss against Miyuki's lips. She hummed softly, and reciprocated, pressing back harder, and in moments, the two were locked in a passionate kiss. Miyuki's tongue slipped into his mouth, and the two wrestled for oral dominance, neither side wanting to lose the battle. Slipping her hands down to their bodies, Miyuki took both of their members in hand, and began to stroke firmly. The added pleasure of both her soft hand and heated cock caused Kuwabara's hips to curl and he broke their kiss, gasping and grunting in pleasure. She gave him a cocky grin, her tongue tracing her bottom lip.

"Two could play at that game," Kuwabara challenged, diving back at her.

He attacked her slender neck with kisses, sucking and nipping gently at the tender flesh, and his large hands came to grope her breasts, thumbs rubbing circles over her sensitive nipples. His attentions seem to have their desired effect, as Miyuki cooed, pressing her chest upward into his palms, and she tilted her head away, allowing Kuwabara more access to her neck.

After several minutes of heated kissing and foreplay passed, Miyuki and Kuwabara broke apart, both panting and red faced. The teasing touches had become too much to bare and they both needed release.

"N-no more foreplay," Miyuki stuttered, chest heaving and trying to catch her breath.

Turning away once more, Miyuki leaning over and pressed one palm flat against the wall, bracing herself. Reaching back with her free hand, Miyuki spread her cheek, giving Kuwabara access to her anus. "Fuck me, now!"

Kuwabara puffed his chest out, his confidence brimming and cock twitching excitedly. "You got it baby!"

Tearing off his work shirt and throwing it to the way side, Kuwabara stepped forward. Taking his spit and precum slick penis in hand, he pressed the bulbous head against the inviting puckered hole. Miyuki took a deep breath, and Kuwabara pressed forward gently. Inch after inch of his member disappeared into her tight body, and both parties hissed in pleasure as Kuwabara finally sheathed himself completely after a few moments.

"Ooooh god, you're so thick Kuwabara," Miyuki gasped in delight, a euphoric grin stretched across her face. It'd been far too long since she'd been filled by such a magnificent cock like the human's! It'd take some time getting used too. She rocked gently back against him for a moment, twisting her hips side to side before looking back at him over her shoulder, and nodding her head. She was ready.

Kuwabara grinned widely. Taking her shapely hips in his hands, he pulled back until the only the head of his dick remained buried inside Miyuki tight ass before sinking back fully. A shiver ran up Miyuki's spine and she trembled in his hold. He repeated the motion again and again, giving her long, steady strokes that left her whining pitifully in frustration. It was too soft..too gentle. She wanted more!

"Is…is that all you've got?" Miyuki ground out through grit teeth, a bead of sweat trailing down her cheek, "Fuck me like you mean it. I can take it!"

"Y-yes ma'am!" he replied with a cheeky grin.

Pulling back once more, Kuwabara roughly slammed forward, as per Miyuki's request, and she squealed out in elation when he struck deep within her. Her eyes widened, and she felt like an electric shock shot through her brain.

"Oh oh! Yes, just like that!" Miyuki cried, thrusting back against his driving hips, "More, keep going!"

"Coming right up!" Reaffirming his grip on her hips, and lowering his stance, Kuwabara drove into her again.

His thrusts came hard and fast bouncing Miyuki's entire body every time his hips met her backside. With each powerful thrust, his cock battered against her prostate, and Miyuki felt her legs begin to tremble beneath her. She was thankful Kuwabara was so strong and was able to hold her up because she was positive her legs would have given out from such a powerful fucking like this one! Her own penis throbbed, slapping noisily against her pelvis and drooled precum as Kuwabara worked her over with renewed vigor. Reaching down with one hand, Miyuki took a tight hold of her own dick and began stroking in tune with Kuwabara's thrusting. He hammered her relentlessly, and Miyuki had to bite her lip to keep from screaming to the world how good it felt. She was going to cum already! What a man Kuwabara was!

But Kuwabara had other plans, and pulled out of her completely, causing Miyuki to growl out in frustration and confusion, her building orgasm subsiding all too quickly.

"W-What are you doing?"

"Just changing things up," Kuwabara said with a smile, and he scooped her up into her arms bridal style, causing Miyuki to squeak in shock, and latch onto his broad shoulders. She blushed, having never been held in such a fashion before, especially with her hardened cock pointing to the sky and ready to burst. She held tightly onto Kuwabara as he shuffled further down the isle of boxed clothing.

He quickly carried her over to a palette of boxes and laid her down gently over the sturdy cardboard packages, leaving her ass hanging off the edge. Immediately she understood and Miyuki smiled wickedly up at him, licking her lips. This was a much better position.

"Now I can watch you," Kuwabara explained, positioning himself between her legs. Lining the head of his cock against her anus, Miyuki gasped loudly as Kuwabara drove back into her fully, without hesitation. Returning to his earlier pace right away, Kuwabara vigorously fucked her and Miyuki could not help the squeals of passion and excitement that escaped her throat any more. She was going to have to lock this human down for herself after this!

Her soft hand found her aching cock once more, and Miyuki began to stroke herself harder now that she could see Kuwabara. He stared at her in fascination, coal eyes locked with her ruby, and Miyuki quickly felt herself coming undone under his stony gaze. She felt the all too familiar pressure in her loins, her building orgasm had returned tenfold, and before she could even utter a word of warning, she erupted. Kuwabara watching at the stunning display of Miyuki's orgasm, the first spray of cum shooting high in the air, before splattering against her voluptuous breasts, and the next heavy loads splashing over her taut abdomen. His cock throbbed almost angrily, jealous of the release she had just received and he was begging to get desperate for his own. That display alone had almost sent him over the edge.

"M-Miyuki," Kuwabara growled suddenly leaning over her, burying his face in the crook of her neck. He pressed his chest against her cum coated breasts, feeling her erection press firmly against his abs, and gave her fast, shallows thrusts despite her intense grip on his waist

"Y-you wanna cum big guy?" Miyuki moaned teasingly, encircling his broad back with her arms, holding him tight. "You wanna give me all your hot, thick cum?"

"Yeah, can I? Inside you?" Kuwabara panted into her pointed ear almost pleadingly,

"Give it to me," Miyuki demanded roughly, "I want every drop of your cum!" He didn't even need to ask. She wanted it so badly.

Her confession was all that Kuwabara could stand, and he buried himself to the hilt inside her, his balls pulsing and orgasm racing forth. He steeled his hips against hers and let himself go with a cry of completion, teeth grit and brown furrowed.. The torrent of his cum struck deep in her rectum, and Miyuki's eyes crossed against her will, her legs trembling at the sudden warmth spreading through her loins. She clung tightly to Kuwabara, mewling and gasping at every spray of semen that coated her insides, shivering as shocks shot up and down her spine.

After what seemed to be an eternity of orgasmic bliss, locked in each others' embrace, Miyuki and Kuwabara reluctantly pulled apart, Kuwabara easing his spent member out of Miyuki's perfect ass.

"Well…that was incredible," Miyuki sighed happily. "Who knew a human could perform so well?"

"Well I am the great 'Warrior of Love', Kazuma Kuwabara after all," Kuwabara proclaimed proudly, "It's only natural!"

"Is that so?" Miyuki countered, easing herself off the palette of clothing, "Perhaps we'll have to test that -"

The sound of a door opening and slamming shut caused the both of them to jump up in fright, cutting Miyuki's sentence short, and sending the pair scrambling for any sense of decency and clothing. Certainly nothing that had entered the room could harm them…but it was a bit embarrassing to be caught post-coitus after all.

"Holy crap, I can't believe we didn't get caught," Kuwabara sighed happily, wiping the sweat from his brow. How is boss walked right passed the isle he and Miyuki had just fucked in, without noticing, the two of them would never know.

"That was quite the close call," Miyuki agreed, tucking a strand of damp blue hair behind her pointed ear. "If I hadn't cum so early, we may have been in trouble."

"Hehehehe, next time, we'll have to be somewhere more private!" Kuwabara proclaimed, laughing merrily.

"Next time?" Miyuki said carefully, an eyebrow quirked. She crossed her arms under her chest and smirked at Kuwabara.

Kuwabara's face fell and he quickly realized his mistake of being too forward. "Ah, uh s-sorry, I didn't mean-"

"Here. My number, and address," Miyuki said, cutting Kuwabara off and handing him a small card with her information on it, "Let's meet up sometime. Next time we do this, I want you to fuck me into my mattress."

Kuwabara gulped, Miyuki's descriptive choice of words bringing a dark blush to his face. He took the information, reading it over quickly, before putting it into his pocket.

"Okay, Y-Yeah, anything for you babe," He stammered in embarrassment.

Miyuki giggled sweetly, and moved in quick, giving Kuwabara a quick kiss on the cheek goodbye. "Until we meet again 'Warrior of Love', Kazuma," she said, waving at him, and walking away.

Kuwabara stood in stunned silence, watching Miyuki walk away. The sound of her using his given name had given him another erection, and he almost called out to her then and there.

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