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Yusuke smiled ear to ear, staring down at the fat stacks of cash inside his register. He'd made an absolute killing tonight! Only a year back from demon world, and already his ramen stand was one of the most successful in the area! Combined with his side work of handling super natural work, he'd be rolling in the dough before too long! Snickering to himself, Yusuke pushed the register closed as he heard another customer step up to the bar.

"Welcome, take a-oh, h-hey, Keiko," Yusuke stuttered, his bravado failing him the moment he spotted his girlfriend. The way she stared blankly at him in return told him she was still annoyed at the stunt he'd pulled the other day. Maybe selling her school uniform to his mother wasn't the greatest idea in the world.

"Come on Keiko, just for-"

"Ramen, with extra pork cutlets please," Keiko said evenly, taking the offered seat.

"Coming right up," Yusuke said tightly, brow twitching in irritation.

"On the house."

Yusuke's head snapped toward Keiko, finding her smiling at him expectantly. He gave her a hard glare, and silence stretched between them before she chuckled softly. Oh, so she had forgiven him then? A devilish grin stretched across his face.

"Fine, but only if you suck my dick first," Yusuke teased, winking at her with his nose held high. Another awkward silence followed his statement, before Keiko sighed loudly.


"Haha, relax Keiko I was just kid-" Yusuke paused his reply, Keiko's answer finally sinking in, "Wait what?"

"I said I'll do it," Keiko said, smirking playfully back at him. Standing up from her seat she moved swiftly around the stall before Yusuke could get a word out edge-wise. Keiko pushed through the curtained walkway behind the counter, stepping into the cramped space next to Yusuke and sank to her knees.

"Keiko, what the hell?" Yusuke exclaimed flabbergasted. "What's gotten into you, are you drunk or something?" He poked his head over the counter, looking left and right to see if anyone was coming. No one yet. Thankfully he'd hit a slow period after the dinner rush.

"What's wrong Yusuke?" Keiko asked, lifting his apron out of the way, and grabbing at his belt buckle, "This is what you wanted right?"

"W-well yeah!" Yusuke agreed, giving her a cheeky smile and rubbing the back of his head, "I just didn't think you'd agree to it…" His hips jerked forward as Keiko yanked his belt off and popped the button open on his jeans. She was eager to get started.

"Good then, we have a deal," Keiko said, pulling his zipper down, and reaching a hand into his tight pants, "Remember the extra pork cutlets."

Yusuke nodded wordlessly, and Keiko fished his dick out of his pants. His knees wobbled involuntarily at the soft touch of her hand, and Keiko smiled up at him sweetly, happy with his response as she began to stroke his manhood to life. Within seconds, his penis stood large and proud in her hands, and Keiko hummed happily at the sight.

They'd never been together, sexually, until after Yusuke came back from his time in Demon World, and over the past year, Keiko had learned quite a bit about herself the more she succumbed to his advances. She really enjoyed sucking his dick. Maybe it was the way that he stared into her eyes as she worked him over, or the gasps and moans she could elicit from such a powerful demon with only her mouth…whatever it was, it made her feel special.

Keiko pressed a soft kiss to the engorged head of Yusuke's cock, and heard him sigh appreciatively. Her tongue darted out to lap and circle at the tip before encasing the head entirely, and she felt Yusuke rest his hand atop her head. Pressing her tongue flat under the head, Keiko took more of his shaft into her mouth, and hummed softly at the taste of her lover's precum on her tongue, the vibrations causing Yusuke to shudder in her mouth.

"Damn Keiko…"Yusuke groaned quietly, curling his fingers in her long brown hair.

Keiko pressed on, taking more of Yusuke's shaft into her mouth and gently stroked what she couldn't fit of him with her hand. Slowly, Keiko bobbed her head along him, savoring every second of her task, and relishing in the muffled moans that Yusuke was trying to hide. His fingers curled in her hair, a silent plea for her pick up the pace, and Keiko stared up into Yusuke's eyes, her own shining with mirth and understanding.

Bracing her hands on his muscular thighs, Keiko threw her head forward, taking the bulk of Yusuke's cock into her mouth with practiced ease. She could feel the head slip down the back of her throat, and Keiko swallowed around him, the tight constriction causing Yusuke to hiss in pleasure.

Keiko pulled back until only the weeping head remained encased in her mouth, pausing to take a deep breath through her nose, before racing forward again. Back and forth, Keiko fucked her mouth along Yusuke's spit-slick cock, his hand guiding her head needlessly. She paused halfway down, sucking hard and hollowing her cheeks, before pulling back.

"Fuck, you're incredible Keiko," Yusuke groaned, his head rolling back and his breathing becoming heavier.

Keiko released him with an audible smack of her lips, taking several deep breaths of air, before rushing forward again, kissing up the full length of his pulsing shaft and stroking firmly. His hips bucked roughly toward her, and Keiko giggled merrily, looking up into Yusuke's flushed face She could tell he was getting close.

Capping the head with her mouth once again, Keiko vigorously stroked the remainder of his cock with both hands, bobbing and sucking only at the tip. Yusuke began to twist and squirm in her hold, and soon, both of his hands came to rest at the back of her head, tugging her forward. She smirked, as best she could, and relented, letting Yusuke pull her head forward, burying the bulk of his member in her mouth and throat, her nose pressed against his pelvis.

With a strangled cry, Yusuke could hold on no longer, and came, his body curling around Keiko's head. The first shot of cum erupted straight down her throat, and Keiko quickly swallowed the heavy load before she choked. Yanking herself back, Keiko caught the next discharge on her tongue, and moaned in pleasure as Yusuke's unique flavor spread over her taste buds, before Yusuke pulled himself out of her mouth completely.

Keiko braced herself for what was to come neck, and lifting her chin, smiled as she stroked Yusuke's still spurting cock. It was one of his fetishes, she knew, but Yusuke loved to cum on her face and she had to admit, it did feel kind of nice to be bathed in his hot essence. Three more thick shots of cum rained down against her forehead, cheek, and lips and Keiko giggled at Yusuke's grunt of satisfaction each time one hit their mark. When no more would come, Keiko, leaned forward, taking the spent member between her lips one last time, and sucked the last traces of his seed away. Licking her lips dry of his cum, Keiko smiled smugly up at her boyfriend.

"Remember, extra pork cutlets. Don't be stingy this time!" Keiko chided playfully, as she set about cleaning herself up.

"Yeah yeah," Yusuke chuckled, tucking his dick back into his pants, and straightening his attire, "Comin' right up!"

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